Funnest Things To Do On MySpace

Not sure what all the hype is about? Not sure of all the things you can do on MySpace? Take a look, and if you haven?t give some of them a try.

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1 Fill Out Bulletin Surveys


My blog list always says my name one after another because of bulletin surveys!

It is a great way for your friends to get to know what you are like and things you like or dislike

Like, 50 random things, firsts, and things like that.

2 Change the Way Your Profile Looks

Yup!! I changed mine to make it look gothic, and I told my friend someone hacked into it, and he belived it, and he got scared cuz he thought, "she" would hack into his, IT WAS FUNNY!!!!!!!

I CHANGE MY PROFILE EVERY DAY!! no lies. ask my friends =P

I have changed my profile about one hundred times. - dragon13304

I love adding new pictures or graphics everyday!

3 Post Bulletins

you can tell a secret and get someone mad ha ha funn

shya thats wat i usually

That is what i am doing now!

4 Listen to Music

You get added by some little known bands, every once in a while, if you browse through the ones that added you, you find some amazing ones.

Er..I just got a playlist .. 75 different songs.. and when theres nothing to do I just listen to music all day.

Myspace has a whole music section... Take a look.

how can one live life without music?? hehe - purplefairy

5 Meet New Friends

meeting new people is the whole point of myspace!!

6 Change Your Display Name All You Want
7 Quizzes

What do you think of a person who would something like this?

omg I love 2 do the quizzes on myspace their so FUN - cheer-luver

yah! So many fun things with quizes!

Quizzilla, blogthings, put 'em on your profile, post 'em, or just take all the quizzes on some one else's page. It's a blast!

8 Commenting Pictures

Say random things, be mean to your enemies, and tell that cutie you like them.

all i ever do on myspace =)

9 Commenting

i love to comment ppl ...ALL THE TIME!!!!

10 Post Blogs

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11 See what others think of you

wats really fun is to reply back on those things - k1kittycat

12 Keeping In Touch With Old Friends

Great way to check up on your old pals, see what they're up to.

Ive been keeping in touch with so many great old friends

Also great for that inner stalker in all of us..

...and enemies... and children.

13 Look At and Comment On Other People's Profiles

I always do that just to see if anyone is going out or something and how stuff is going like relationships and yeah.

i do that like alot to find out wat people talk about lol

I can get my creeper on, and no one will know! - thelover

14 Deleting Your Account

Man, this list is old. 12 years ago, 2006. The age people actually still used MySpace. - PackFan2005

Who even uses MySpace anymore what lol

True, MySpace is dead now. - AliciaMae

Tom is watching you. - TheSilverEncarnation

15 Look at pics

i like to look at new ones.

16 Deactivate Your Account and Switch to Facebook
17 Put Music/Videos On Profile

Show people your favorite music and music videos!

i have placed vidoes of my children so people can watch them grow

18 Watching Owen Benjamin's Videos
19 Be nosey!

haha, yea, you get to find out things that you dont get to find out in the real world..which is pretty fun

I just love going to myspace and being nosey! Finding gossip and headline breaking news!

Oh hell ya.
Thats what im all about

20 Lookin at Chics

yah i like lookin at chics thats the reason i made a myspace!

21 Lookin' at Hot Guys Without Their Shirts

Hell yeah, dudes half naked, man. that's the stuff.

That's the whole reason I created a myspace, lol!

Yup! Thats what I like to do when Im on there. =)

yup dats da best thing to do on myspace

22 Messaging

Talking back and forth with your friends or new people...

I like to talk on line to other people

23 Looking at stupid stuff

I look at dofferent peoples myspaces and sometimes they have like funny graphics. - hayleyduhh

If I had a MySpace I would do this. - funnyuser

24 Troll and Start Drama

Quizzes and attention whores ruin myspace. Trolling is the only fun thing to do on it now. - Krumeater

You have to love being able to send messages without ip headers. lol

25 Upload your old pics

gives ppl a chance to laugh at how dorky you looked as a kid. i do it al the time. c'mon, give it a whirl!

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