Funnest Ways To Die In Video Games

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1 Fatality (Mortal Kombat)
2 Chainsaw Death (Gears of War)
3 Post Death Tebagging (Halo 3)

This is so funny when you do it to someone after you kill them although it really pisses you off when someone that killed you does it too you.

4 Death By Boobs (Killer Instinct)
5 Eaten By A Ghost (Pac-Man)
6 Meteor Death (The Sims)
7 Falling Off A Platform (Mario)
8 Crushed Under A Tyre (Frogger)
9 Falling From the Eiffel Tower to a Hard Landing (The Saboteur)
10 Killed In A Police Standoff (GTA IV)

The Contenders

11 Killed By The Stomach Acid Of A Giant Worm (Gears of War 2)
12 Crash Into Something Whilst Being Chased by Nazi Tanks (The Saboteur)
13 Crushed by a Giant Fingernail (God of War 3)
14 Getting Owned by Mike Tyson Himself (Punch-Out!)
15 Get Hadouken'd (Street Fighter)
16 Being Sucked Into a Black Hole (Super Mario Galaxy)
17 Getting Your Brains Eaten by Zombies (Plants vs Zombies)

Even better with a glitch death in the sequel. Here are three examples of the glitch.
1)Kamikaze-Right as a zombie gets into your house, some plant is able to finish the zombie off. However, it's too late, so it pronounces you dead.
2)It Came From the Most Recently Visited World! -Go to a boss battle, and lose. Then go on another, and lose. On the second boss battle, it may play both Game Over themes at the same time, the one you just visited, and the one you just lost in.
3)Death by Glamour-If you are eaten by a zombie on Neon Mixtape Tour-Night 32 (the boss battle) right as Dr Zomboss switches into Pop form, it may play Pop while the zombie is eating you brains.
Overall, just stay away from Octos, Weasels, and Wizards. These three zombies are the worst.

18 Getting Dunked On (Undertale)
19 Electrocution (The Sims)

Just place a cheap T.V. on a water puddle, get an inexperienced Sim to fix it, and he/she is D, E, A, D! - Dominicmgm

20 Crushed by a Burning Vehicle (Grand Theft Auto IV)
21 Running Too Far In the Water (Red Dead Redemption)

You can't beat it get on a horsey run into the water and gess what you drown.

22 Being Shot In a Botched Robbery Attempt (Mafia II)
23 Getting Stuffed Into an Animatronic Suit (Five Nights at Freddy's)
24 Having Your Head Bitten Off by a Zombie Squirrel (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
25 Skydiving (Grand Theft Auto)
26 Falling Into a Sea of Lava (Sly Cooper)
27 Getting Crushed by Wario's Butt (Wario Land)
28 There's a Creeper (Minecraft)
29 Getting Blown to Pieces by a TNT Block (Crash Bandicoot)
30 Lava Hot Tub Mistake (Minecraft)
31 Falling Into a Woodchipper (Alien Hominid)
32 Drowning (Sonic the Hedgehog)
33 Falling Down a Hole (Super Mario Brothers)
34 Getting Paid to Jump Off a Cliff and Die (Borderlands 2)
35 Getting Blasted Off the Screen by Wario's Fart Gas (Super Smash Brothers)
36 Angering Wolves (Minecraft)
37 Angering Zombie Pigmen (Minecraft)
38 Getting Shoved Up the Great Mighty Poo's Butt (Conker's Bad Fur Day)
39 Zombie Ambush Out of Nowhere (Minecraft)
40 Getting Shot In the Eyes (HTF: Deadeye Derby)
41 Getting Eaten by a Hunter (Resident Evil: Outbreak)
42 Melted In a Cooking Pot (Eternal Champions)
43 Having Lopunny Slam Her Butt Into You (Pokemon)
44 Crashing (Sugar Rush)
45 Getting Killed by a Goomba (Super Mario Brothers)
46 Lighting a TNT Block On the Edge of a Cliff and Falling Down the Cliff While the TNT Explodes In Front of You (Minecraft)
47 Hadoken (Street Fighter)
48 Getting Trapped In the Nether On Hardcore Mode (Minecraft)
49 Getting Torn Apart by Zombies (Dead Rising)
50 Falling Out of the World (Minecraft)
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