Funniest Amazing World of Gumball Episodes

The Top Ten Funniest Amazing World of Gumball Episodes

1 The Joy

Walking Dead in the nutshell.

God this one was creepy.


2 The Love

This ep was amazing episode! I loved the love song in this episode.

3 The Picnic

Literally my whole family died when I showed them the part when darwin slapped the 'bad predator' please make this number one!

Wow, please number one

4 The Matchmaker

The ship has sailed! DarwinXCarrie for the win!

My favorite couple Darwin&Carrie finally got together!
This episode is one of the best episodes in the series.

5 The Robot
6 The Quest

This was really fun because of Richard

7 The Goons
8 The Flakers
9 The Painting
10 The Refund

The Newcomers

? The Signature
? The Plan

The Contenders

11 The Tape

Alligators, alligators on a train!

Caused me to nearly suffocate because I couldn't stop laughing

How isn't this number one?



12 The Hug

Funniest episode ever - Margarida

13 The Party

High school parties in a nutshell

14 The Night

Funniest episodes ever - Margarida

Love the ima bun bit! and alan's dream:!

15 The Shippening
16 The Prank
17 The Compilation

Nobody's a nobody

This episode is HILLARIOUS

18 The Others
19 The Uploads
20 The Copycats

This one was amazing! TAKE THAT MIRACLE STAR!

21 The Limit

I'm getting candy, he's getting candy, he's getting candy, he's getting candy, she's getting-- GET BACK TO THE CAR! Also, the scene where Richard tricked Nicole to run down the wrong aisle with the T.V. screen was genius.

22 The Blame

It is the funniest episode in the show.

23 The Game

Or is it? Is the best moment in gumball history

24 The Wand

I love this episode

Same here

25 The Origins
26 The Storm

This is my favorite episode! I love everything sbout Alan&Carmen in The Storm!

Wonderful! this is my favorite episode.

What a wonderful episode! I love everything in this episode.

This episode is funny. it is my favorite episode.

27 The Saint
28 The Knights

It's hilarious you should check it out the fight is so funny.

29 Halloween
30 The Shell
31 The Choices
32 The Console

Funny how Gumball’s name was typed, MYBUTT! LOL

33 The Candidate


34 The Coach

The ending had me rolling

35 The Tag
36 The Countdown
37 The Signal
38 The DVD
39 The Mothers
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