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21 Kaolla Su - Love Hina
22 Eikichi Onizuka - Great Teacher Onizuka Eikichi Onizuka - Great Teacher Onizuka
23 Lime - Saber Marionette J
24 Tobi - Naruto Shippuden Tobi - Naruto Shippuden

Funny k

25 Rin Okumura - Blue Exorcist Rin Okumura - Blue Exorcist Rin Okumura is a fictional character in the manga and anime series Blue Exorcist created by Kazue Kato.
26 Taiga Fujimura - Fate/Stay Night Taiga Fujimura - Fate/Stay Night Taiga Fujimura is a fictional character from the Japanese visual novel and anime series Fate/stay night by Type-Moon.
27 Amelia Wil Tesla - Slayers
28 Youhei Sunohara - Clannad

His main purpose is to be the comic relief for Clannad, and he does a hell of a good job at it.

29 Death - Soul Eater V 1 Comment
30 Senketsu - Kill la Kill Senketsu - Kill la Kill

True. This needs higher

31 Kenji Harima - School Rumble

So I'm assuming the majority have yet to see School Rumble... Make a note to do that immediately! School Rumble is hilarious and Kenji is hands down the funniest (and oddly enough the most tragic) character on the show and will have you on the floor every time!

32 Franky - One Piece Franky - One Piece
33 Might Guy - Naruto Might Guy - Naruto

It is something wrong with him and Lee

34 Poland - Hetalia

He's, like, the funniest character in the show! Who wouldn't love this cross dressing, fabulous, girly country?

V 1 Comment
35 Aikawa Ayumu - Kore wa zombie desu ka?

He's funny when he dances

36 Tamaki Suoh - Ouran High School Host Club Tamaki Suoh - Ouran High School Host Club

How is he so low?!

My favorite character in OHSHC. So hilarious!

37 Gajeel Redfox - Fairy Tail Gajeel Redfox - Fairy Tail
38 Mai Minakami - Nichijou

Funniest character from the funniest anime ever created.

39 Usopp - One Piece Usopp - One Piece
40 Hideki Hinata - Angel Beats
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