Funniest Band Names with a Word Replaced with Cookie


The Top Ten

1 Bring Me The Cookie

You better or else they will play their awful music - christangrant

2 Megacookie

Megacookie now with 50% more explosions - christangrant

3 Guns N' Cookies

Don't steel from these Cookies - christangrant

4 Theory of a Cookie

What is the theory of a cookie anyway - christangrant

5 Cookie Day

Who doesn't love this day - christangrant


6 Avenged Cookiefold

The Cookie has been Avenged - christangrant

7 Metalicookie

Those would be heavy cookies - christangrant

8 Cannibal Cookie

Maybe Cookie Corpse, too? - Metal_Treasure

9 Black Veil Cookies

They would be awful cookies - christangrant

10 Limp Cookie

With Chocolate Starfish shaped chips - christangrant

Cookie Bizkit?

The Contenders

11 Twenty One Cookies

This sounds like a good serving of cookies. - Metarock

Who wouldn't want 21 cookies - christangrant

Theory of a deadman is better (100x) than Twenty one pilots, But - Twenty one cookies is better than theory of a cookie! Haha! - Ananya

12 DragonCookie
13 Cookie Theater
14 One Cookie

Eh, I like to eat more than just one cookie :). - Metarock

15 Imagine Cookies

I do this a lot - christangrant

16 Morbid Cookie

Don't want to eat this one - christangrant

17 Cookie! At the Disco!

Well at least you know there's a cookie there - christangrant

18 Bullet for my Cookie

Its not worth taking a bullet for a cookie - christangrant

19 Iron Cookie

Where's the dentist? - Ananya

20 Judas Cookie
21 Nine Inch Cookies
22 Iced Cookie

No...I would like the hot one - Ananya

23 Lost Cookie
24 Aerocookie
25 Cookie Maiden
26 Def Cookie
27 Led Cookie
28 CookieForce
29 Mr. Cookie

From Mr. Mister. - Element119

30 System Of A Cookie
31 Cookie Head
32 Cookie at Work

From the band Men at Work. - Element119

33 Cookie Temptation
34 Onecookie
35 Cookie Death
36 Cold Cookie
37 Simple Cookie
38 Cookie Park
39 Jimmy Eat Cookie
40 My Bloody Cookie
41 Godspeed You! Black Cookie
42 Radiocookie
43 Cookie Collective
44 A Tribe Called Cookie
45 Cookie Enemy
46 Cookie Grips
47 Neutral Cookie Hotel
48 Guided by Cookies
49 Green Cookie
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