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1 Blue-Footed Booby Blue-Footed Booby

"Hey! My eyes are up here! " - SpectralOwl

How is this funny? Whoever is laughing at this your dirty.

I sounds like it came straight out of a Doctor Seuss book.

Who names these birds? I can just imagine someone walking up to that bird and saying “wow that’s a nice booby.” 😂 - NightJinx

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2 Great Tit Great Tit

I want a pair of these - EliHbk

Why - NightJinx

3 Cock

Can you please put a picture of this bird Metal_Treasure? I know what this bird looks like, but I want other people to see it without searching it up. So can you please do that favor. Thanks. That's why you're my favorite user, Metal_Treasure. Because you put pics of things so people can see what they look like. So I hope you put a picture of the cock. Thanks again.

Why no pic?

4 Red-Footed Booby Red-Footed Booby

Red-footed booby..Blue-footed booby... Sweet names. - Ananya

5 Macaroni Penguin Macaroni Penguin

I love to eat...Macaroni. - Ananya

That one makes sense. - NightJinx

6 Secretary Bird Secretary Bird
7 Laughing Falcon Laughing Falcon
8 Blue Tit Blue Tit

Why so sad? - Metal_Treasure

9 Tufted Titmouse Tufted Titmouse
10 Long-Tailed Tit

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11 Shag
12 Mountain Chicken Mountain Chicken

A frog named a chicken? Aye aye aye - NightJinx

Look it up - SuperBananagengar

Thanks, SuperBananagengar, for adding this! I looked it up and... it's a FROG!
I added an image. - Metal_Treasure

13 Bearded Tit Bearded Tit

Despite its name, it looks amazing. (Sadly there's no picture! )

14 Greater Pewee Greater Pewee

Can you please put a picture of this bird Metal_Treasure? Thanks. That's the reason why you're my favorite top tens user. So can you please do that favor? I'd really appreciate it.

Search it up.

15 Satanic Nightjar Satanic Nightjar

Scientific name: Eurostopodus diabolicus.
Its names refer to a local superstition (in Indonesia) where people believe this bird makes creepy sounds in the nighttime when the bird "tears the eyes of sleeping people out".
During recent studies, the sounds were recorded but they didn't match the description of the local people. - Metal_Treasure

16 Invisible Rail

Can you please put a pic of this? Thank you.

17 Firewood Gatherer

No joke, this IS a bird. Search it up. This bird needs to get its own pic.

18 Peruvian Booby
19 White-Bellied Go-Away-Bird
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1. Cock
2. Great Tit
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