Top Ten Funniest Blog Posts On TheTopTens


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1 Bigbrotheryes Rants: Total Drama (BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO)

Are you kidding me? Putting yourself as number 1 again? PLEASE STOP! It's pathetic! - Minecraftcrazy530

The only funny thing about your post are the typos - samanime

Are you ever going to stop putting youself at number 1 - BigBrotherSucks

2 BigBrotherYes Rants: Frozen (BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

Stop putting yourself at the top - EpicJake

3 Sarcastic Overview On Selfies (CityGuru)

Honestly I'm voting for the third just because it's rather pathetic that you're putting yourself at the top... - Flowersocks2137

4 Sarcastic Overview On Who Should Date Who Lists (PositronWildhawk)
5 TDTOP5: Dodgebrawl (Turkeyasylum)

None of the episodes of Total Drama are good - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

6 I Love Being Olive Bread (Wolftail)

Olive Bread is funnier than adding yourself on this list. - MusicalPony

7 TheTopTens: BigBrother Episode 1 (Gemcloben)

Thanks for making the series! - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

8 Talk on Television 4: Arthur is Boring (SevenLzards)

This blog post is so funny and true. Good job, SevenLizards!

9 Room 101: Fat People (Gemcloben)

Gemcloben is one of the best users ever - BigBrotherYESTotalDramaNO

Hah, I loved this post. It's vey accurate. - IronSabbathPriest

10 Why I Love Justin Bieber (DapperPickle)

The Contenders

11 VelitelCabal Rages: Anaconda (VelitelCabal)
12 Mario Kart 7 (Jaystop10list)
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