Top 10 Funniest Characters from Full House


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1 Stephanie

Stephanie is the most unfunny character in the show. She has no purpose at all and she has never done anything funny. Danny, Jesse, Joey, and kimmy are the funniest ones by far. Also Michelle is an idiot spoiled brat kid. But she is not as worthless as Stephanie because she forms relationships specifically with Jesse and causes Danny to be funny. Stephanie is insanely boring.

While she may not be the funniest (that spot I reserved for Danny) she is still is my favorite character. - Anonymousxcxc

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2 Joey

Thank you joey Gladstone you're the best

He acts like a little kid in a big body

The nearly blond are well gross

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3 Jesse

Now do not lie down but at that time many girls get licked

4 Michelle

She's not that funny, she's not that cute, and she's a brat! I far by think that every person on this show is better than her! - sabrinafan

That little tenderness is so cute

6 Danny

He should be 1, even though I like Stephanie better! - sabrinafan

7 Steve

He can be hilarious but I think Kimmy is way better and should be higher

8 Kimmy

Why is she not higher? She maybe wasn't all that smart, but still hilarious! - Minecraftcrazy530

She's literally the funniest character

I'm suprised she has only 4%. If this is about funniest character, she could be first...

I agree with minecraftcrazy530 Kimmy is like all the humor there is in the show

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9 Nicky
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11 Rebecca
12 Becky
13 Steve Hale
14 Mr. Woodchuck V 1 Comment
15 Gia Mahan
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