Ten Top Funniest Chipperoo YouTube Moments

Note this only includes video moments that where uploaded today march 12,2018.

The Top Ten

1 Spirits superhero

Is it a bird is it a plane no its I don't wanna say it go see it yourself - Spiritualsavedboy

2 Owner e who's e

Oops It was a different video - Spiritualsavedboy

Marked tell chip to owner e and chip says one of the funniest things in YouTube history.ps it's the same video that has spirits superhero - Spiritualsavedboy

3 Chip does math wrong

Spirit says chips age is 900 but the real funny part is that chip says then I would be born in like 1018.sorry chip roblox wasn't around in 1918. - Spiritualsavedboy

4 Boi got swag

The 10k episode had some of the best chip moments but I think when spirit swagifys himself meme says something pretty funny - Spiritualsavedboy

5 You looking real strong baby

The real thing spirit said was kinda weird - Spiritualsavedboy

6 We are going to haveĀ  rocket battle

This might not seem like one of the funniest chip moments but it is.When marked gear everyone a rocket he told them they were going to have a rocket battle,then spirit said ok then what do you think spirit would do? YES HE NUKED EVERYONE. - Spiritualsavedboy

7 I'm a toddler

Every time spirit says I'm a toddler - Spiritualsavedboy

8 Az you know better

On the 10k visits episode spirit makes it disco then az flashes the game.He got his admin took in away then spirit says,az you know better. - Spiritualsavedboy

9 Il and spirits music battle

On one of chips older episodes a guy who people call ilxwo and spiritualsavedboy where fighting over something stupid.A music battle spirit was playing Shawn Michaels theme song while il was playing a hip hop song.It got crazy to the point of il calling spirit an idiot.lol - Spiritualsavedboy

10 I will hack you

On one of chips boring long videos (why it was morning IS because there was no spirit in it) so a guy named angel something kept saying to chip I will hack you and saying it. It was pretty funny. - Spiritualsavedboy

Lol I mean boring - Spiritualsavedboy

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