Top 10 Funniest Chucky/Child's Play Scenes

The Top Ten

1 Britney Spears (Seed of Chucky)
2 Tiffany And Chucky's Domestic Fight (Bride of Chucky)
3 Violence is Bad (Seed of Chucky)
4 Reference to the Cenobite Pinhead (Bride of Chucky)
5 Scared to Death (Child's Play 3)
6 Meet Glenda (Seed of Chucky)
7 Chucky's First Victim (Child's Play)
8 This is for Tupac (Child's Play)
9 Presto... You're Dead (Child's Play 3)
10 Ugly doll! (Child's Play)

The Contenders

11 Haircut Chucky (Cult of Chucky)
12 I'm a Toy From the 80s (Cult of Chucky)
13 Just Like the Good Old Days (Child's Play 3)
14 Come On Step On It (Child's Play 2)
15 Eat Dirt, Tommy! (Child's Play 2)
16 That Is A Rude Doll (Bride Of Chucky)
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