Top Ten Funniest of Chuggaaconroy's Bad Wheel of Fortune Guesses

The Top Ten

1 The Metropolitan Mutant Of Ark (The Metropolitan Museum Of Art)

Hey, Luigibuscus. I made a list of reasons why Chuggaaconroy is better than PewDiePie. Come and check it out!

2 Calibrary Cuff Paula Deen (Celebrity Chef Paula Deen)
3 Going On A Please Labe (Going On A Sleigh Ride)
4 Icicles Gogggles (Graphic Designer)
5 The Molded Gurus (The Golden Girls)
6 Drawingly (Dragonfly)
7 Mr. Filth (Mr. Right)
8 Clowney Siderilks (Crowded Sidewalks)
9 Mossy Turkey Turner (Roast Turkey Dinner)
10 The Dressmilt Sock (The Breakfast Club)

The Contenders

11 Political Antichrist (Political Activist)
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