Funniest Combinations of Taylor Swift and Pantera Song Titles


The Top Ten

1 Should've Said Heavy Metal Rules!

Yup I agree with this she should've Said Heavy Metal Rules - christangrant

Taylor...Finally I got to hear something good from ya - Ananya

I love this one - christangrant

2 22 Cowboys from Hell
3 Walk on My Guitar

Walk (Pantera) + Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift) - Metal_Treasure

4 We are Never Ever Getting 5 Minutes Alone
5 Fifteen Floods
6 We'll Meet Again, Tim McGraw
7 Stay Beautiful, Use My Third Arm
8 Mean is My Name

Mean + Revolution is My Name - Metal_Treasure

9 Heavy Metal Song!

Heavy Metal Rules plus Our Song - christangrant

10 The Story of Us (5 Minutes Alone)

The Contenders

11 F****** Style
12 Should've Said I'm Broken
13 Heresy! You're Not Sorry?
14 Today Don't Mean S***
15 Becoming Mean
16 No Good (I Knew You Were Trouble)
17 I Knew You Were in the Jungle
18 Walk It Off

Yeah man, just Walk It Off. Don't be upset about what happened, just Walk It Off. - cjWriter1997

19 I'm Mean
20 If This Was a Psycho Holiday

If This Was a Movie + Psycho Holiday - Metal_Treasure

21 I Knew You Were 13 Steps to Nowhere
22 State: I'm Broken

State of Grace + I'm Broken - Metal_Treasure

23 Floods Story

This would sound really sad - christangrant

24 Back to Domination
25 This Song
26 Our Love

This love and Our Song this already sounds like a Taylor Swift Song - christangrant

27 The Great Southern Blood

Bad Blood plus The Great Southern Trendkill - christangrant

28 F***ing Mean

Oh this ones brutal - christangrant

29 Yesterday Don't Mean Love Story
30 Becoming Mine
31 22 Cemetery Gates
32 Proud to Be Mine
33 Goddamn Mean
34 It Makes Them Mean
35 A New Level Kiss
36 A New Love Story
37 Strength Beyond Blank Space
38 22 Years

22 + 25 Years - cjWriter1997

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