Funniest Combinations of Taylor Swift and Pantera Song Titles

The Top Ten Funniest Combinations of Taylor Swift and Pantera Song Titles

Should've Said Heavy Metal Rules!

Yup I agree with this she should've Said Heavy Metal Rules - christangrant

Taylor...Finally I got to hear something good from ya - Ananya

I love this one - christangrant

22 Cowboys from Hell
Walk on My Guitar

Walk (Pantera) + Teardrops on My Guitar (Taylor Swift) - Metal_Treasure

We are Never Ever Getting 5 Minutes Alone
Fifteen Floods
We'll Meet Again, Tim McGraw
Stay Beautiful, Use My Third Arm
The Story of Us (5 Minutes Alone)


Mean is My Name

Mean + Revolution is My Name - Metal_Treasure

Heavy Metal Song!

Heavy Metal Rules plus Our Song - christangrant

The Contenders

F****** Style
Should've Said I'm Broken
Heresy! You're Not Sorry?
Today Don't Mean S***
I Knew You Were in the Jungle
Becoming Mean
No Good (I Knew You Were Trouble)
Walk It Off

Yeah man, just Walk It Off. Don't be upset about what happened, just Walk It Off. - cjWriter1997

I'm Mean
If This Was a Psycho Holiday

If This Was a Movie + Psycho Holiday - Metal_Treasure

I Knew You Were 13 Steps to Nowhere
F***ing Mean

Oh this ones brutal - christangrant

State: I'm Broken

State of Grace + I'm Broken - Metal_Treasure

Floods Story

This would sound really sad - christangrant

Back to Domination
This Song
Our Love

This love and Our Song this already sounds like a Taylor Swift Song - christangrant

The Great Southern Blood

Bad Blood plus The Great Southern Trendkill - christangrant

Yesterday Don't Mean Love Story
Becoming Mine
22 Cemetery Gates
Proud to Be Mine
Goddamn Mean
It Makes Them Mean
A New Level Kiss
A New Love Story
Strength Beyond Blank Space
22 Years

22 + 25 Years - cjWriter1997

Our Heavy Metal Song Rules

Heavy Metal Rules + Our Song - Metal_Treasure

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