Top 10 Funniest Comedy Movies About Drugs

The Top Ten

1 Pineapple Express
2 Up in Smoke

Hilarious movie. - egnomac

3 Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle

Very funny movie

4 The Big Lebowski

The Dude abides

5 Half Baked
6 The Hangover
7 Super Troopers
8 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
9 Dazed and Confused
10 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

The Contenders

11 21 Jump Street
12 We're the Millers

I actually really enjoyed this movie.
It was funny and not boring at all.
Love the fake family dynamic - Redlo

13 The Mule
14 Pulp Fiction

What does Marcellus Wallace LOOK LIKE?!

15 Reefer Madness

So ridiculous it's funny. - THC13

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