I was stuck between Pewdiepie and Cry (ChaoticMonki). They're two of my favorite YouTubers (on this list). In all honesty, I decided Cry for how serious yet funny he can be in his playthroughs. While Pewdie is funny as well, he can ruin the mood for games. I would recommend watching Cry play the game first if they happen to play the same game. His secrecy makes his personality more interesting. He shares small details that can only be recognized if you're a true fan; during his streams on Saturday, he often gives away information about himself. You only get that if you watch it. Or on his playthroughs; if you don't watch an episode, you help and/or hurt yourself. By not watching, you keep his identity more of a secret. By watching, you can get those little tidbits about him and help you imagine what he looks like better. It's all up to the viewer.

Cry my spirit animal. I love the fact how much he invests emotionally into his games. He's hilarious but somehow it doesn't feel at all forced. His mysterious personality even makes it better. Through his let's plays, I could infer that he's a very caring person. And the best thing is, he isn't afraid of losing subscribers at all. He'll tell the fans when they are doing something ridiculous and tells them to stop. He jokes around with us fans as if we're friends on the livestream. Plus, he makes many points about how he isn't famous or perfect at all, he's flawed and just a guy playing video games.

He's just so serious yet goofy at the same time, and the mystique that he creates around his appearance make it so much more fun for fan artists (such as myself) to try and guess what he looks like. He manages to play games seriously whilst still being exceedingly entertaining. Good job, Cry, for making it here. You may not be the biggest gamer on the web, but all of your biggest fans applaud you!

Cry is an absolutely beautiful human being. He makes intelligent jokes an really gets involved in the game, immersing himself with the characters and the storyline. He is a genuine personality that everyone can relate to. I gosh darn would love to be his friends and in sure most of his fans feel the same way. My vote definitely goes to Cry.

Cry is a very unique guy. His jokes are subtle and silly and make me laugh and giggle even hours later when I think about it again. He's very entertaining and a very heart warming person making it really hard not to like him. Congrats Cry! You have touched over 600, 000 hearts and I hope the number continues to grow :3

Cry is an amazing guy, who cares about everyone. He goes out of his way to make us all happy when he can and when he can't he even apologises; he has an uplifting attitude that never fails to make me happy. On top of his commitment to his family, friends and fans I also love his relationship with Cheyenne, I think that they are so cute together.

Cry is an all around funny, interesting, intelligent and heartfelt guy: and that is why he is my favourite YouTuber!

Cry is unique in very different ways. He leaves trails of emotion when he talks and it latches onto you and you never forget it. His game choice is amazing ( in my opinion) and his videos are very entertaining. He has a certain seriousness to his videos that sends shivers down my spine. The simplistic mask that he wears to hide his face ( not seriously) and to keep his identity a secret. Everything about him lures subscribers in and he is quite worthy of being on this list.

Not only is Cry entertaining and very independent in what he does, but he's a good person at heart. On top of that, he has a witty personality and overall is pretty unique, pulling off a nice gaming channel fairly well.

Ever since the first time I ever watched a playthrough of his, he has always made me smile. With his subtle jokes and references that always manage to make me laugh. I love the way he try to connect to his fans while he still can, since as his fanbase grows and grows his connect to the viewer lessens, but in essence he is a swell guy.

Doesn't overdo anything, and is really dedicated to his fans. He makes sure to update us on what's happening in terms of videos, and can be counted on to do his streams weekly. C:

Cry's sense of humor is more subtle than other YouTubers which is great. I think it's annoying when let's-players don't get invested in the plot or talk over and joke about a dramatic scene

Cry is the best. He takes things seriously when he needs to and his passive humor never fails to light up my day.

He's genuinely a nice guy and can laugh at him self without being corny or make it seem forced. And when he gets stuck on a puzzle or something, it is the funniest thing ever!

Cry is able to put in his own style of humor without getting in the way of the story. His jokes are always smart, non-offensive, and good-natured.

I just really love how he doesn't repeat jokes over and over again and uses sass and quick wit in any situation he is in. He's just that good.

This guy is AMAZING and his voice is so haunting and... Amazing!

Original, funny, he's one of a kind. He sides with pewdiepie and goes by the name of cry. Best thing about him is that he never reveils his face to anyone, not even his fans! He covers it with his famous mask of a simple smiling face.

Cry. Cry is the answer to everything. Never overreacting, he's hella funny and I'm in love with his voice.

Cry is the best and most caring YouTuber there is. I find him very down to earth and genuinely a good guy. He always puts a smile on my face when I'm in the yuckiest mood. He also interacts with his subscribers on a daily basis. He does so on his livestreams and his "real talks". Other than his Playthroughs, he makes hilarious random videos that make him seem like an awesome guy. It doesn't even matter that he doesn't share his face with us. He thinks he won't live up to our expectations, but whatever he looks like, that won't changed the way I look up to Cry.

Cry is a perfect human being and he's amazing

Words can't describe how great cry really is

Cry has easily became my most favorite LPer ever. From his laugh to his jokes, he's been the guy to bring a smile on my face. Especially during the live streams with Red, Russ, and Scott

He is just so amazing and wonderful, he is always there to help anyone and cheer anyone up. It's amazing how he can make any game seem more interesting than anything and just Ach Mein Gott! One of the best on YouTube.

Cry's a really witty guy. I love the types of jokes he makes. And the way he gets absorbed into a game and practically lives the story is amazing and admirable. I love the guy. :]