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21 Chuggaaconroy Chuggaaconroy

I am surprised that no-one added this. He takes the cake when it comes to Let's Play commentary, and he's easily able to hold his own and perhaps beat the top few guys on this list.

Not only does he make you laugh, but he has quality professional Lets Plays making watching more entertaining and informative

He should be a lot higher than this position!

I watch his videos EVERY DAY. Chugga should get more credit.

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22 KSIOlajidebt

KSIOlajideBT is unbeatable. He is hilarious and his reactions to his every loss on FIFA just makes me uncontrollable.

He is pretty hilarious in an angry sort of way.

His rape face is the best

He is the best anyday - mehulmenon

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23 pyschadelicsnake

I love him so much! He is my first gaming commentator that I've ever watched! He is crazy, funny, and he always has the most ridiculous story to tell you! I really love his horror videos especially his Fatal Frames ones, but if you want to watch a gaming commentator that is funny and does complete blind walkthroughs of video he has never played before and doesn't cheat if he gets stuck at something, then you need to watch this tea loving mutha!

The first lets play video that I watched from him is Bioshock. Really entertaining and from there I started to watch his RE 4, all Silent Hill and Fatal Frame series. What I like bout Snake is that he really like to shared his thoughts about the storyline when he played (likes Last of Us, Metro etc) that it feels like we are part of the journey too and having fun. Awesome guy!

Loves to be enthusiastic. Always brightens up my day. He has been doing this for a while and I felt like I grew up with him. I am one of his loyal fans who has stuck with him through many long breaks from YouTube but he is back and continues to look forward to making the viewer's day a bit brighter.

This guy puts so much effort in to his videos and his mood is really infectious! Great guy

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24 Angry Joe

Angry Joe does really well-written twenty to thirty minute long reviews of both really bad games and good games. No holds bar, he really tells what he honestly feels about a game, tending to become extremely irritated if the game is a letdown or a corporate cash in. Check him out. - TZHamblen

Great comedy while still giving great insight is Angry Joe. I love watching him review any type of game, from games I know are good, to games I know are bad. He's at his best when he's, well, angry.

He always makes me laugh and whenever I want to hate on a game, he does it for me in a more humors way.

Angry Joe got me into the movie Kick-Ass. 'enough said.

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25 SmoshGames
26 Mr.360games aka Double

Double is a very energetic, lovable kind of guy. Although he claims himself to be a bit of an idiot, his use of captions and the way he edits his videos makes the claim seem the opposite of what he really is. No matter what he plays he'll make you laugh.


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27 H20Delirious

H2O Delirious should definitely be ranked higher. He is hilarious. If his humour doesn't do it for you, his crazy ass laugh sure will. "I'm delirious outta ma mind."

H20 delirious is one of the funniest you tubers ever

H20Delirious- I know I'm funny to you guys but I don't deserve to go Higher

I watch h20delirious all the time and I have to problem with him

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28 Bajan Canadian

Just one of the funnier guys out there, I really enjoy his videos.

I literally watch him almost everyday and if I do miss a day I find a way to catch up

He is the best at PVP And Hunger Games. Love his "The Walls and Pixel mon videos

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29 CinnamonToastKen V 1 Comment

Love the way he just doesn't care about how the game is supposed to play and he is extremely nice to most people

His sarcasm always makes my laugh

Love the personality of SSoHPKC (also known as Seamus) his sarcasm is hilarioius

He is the best to ever do it.

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31 Criken2

Criken provides excellent material and doesn't have to try hard to be funny, and is a very likable guy

I love this guys videos he makes me laugh in all of his videos and is one of my favorite. His best is his original nartural selection 2 one and the chiverly midevil warfar.

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32 PeanutButterGamer

This guy is as funny as it gets. Skip his first few videos and you will be in video game heaven.

This dude is living proof that you don't need to curse to be funny.

So funny! Way better than Pewdiepie.

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33 sp00nerism

Sp00nerism is probably the funniest commentator I've watched with his sarcastic humor. He has actually influenced me to create my own youtube channel

Sp00n is one of the funniest game commentators I know of, he never takes things too seriously and is always making me laugh. He's the guy I watch when I feel sick or I'm just not in the best mood.

34 Yogscast

Simon is by far the wittiest and funniest person on this entire list when he isn't being fake and acting for the audience.

Voted for the real guy. The best guy. Sips 2014

I mostly watch sips I think he's the best

Amazing, funny, original YouTubers, deserve more than 11th!

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35 ChilledChaos

His videos with seananners are pure gold

He is one of he funniest and most entertaining people I've seen on youtube in my opineon! He is also diabolical! :D

36 SkyDoesMinecraft

He is the funnest person I know here 4 words to describe him funny, amazing, awesome and super super super super super BOSS.

The random and funny commentator

He is so epic I want to meet him and be a really godd friend of his

He's... #rossome (this is a reference from one of his videos)

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37 GassyMexican

He is so funny and releases videos so often. He deserves more subscribers!

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38 TotalHalibut
39 JonTron JonTron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

One of the best gaming channels out there. There are only a few videos of his that aren't completely funny.

Skip his first four videos, along with the monkey song, and you will find pure comedy gold!

Monkey song is fantastic you heathen

He is the best funniest youtuber ever HE Is the BEST

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40 Chris Smoove

Very funny and creative with his videos and catchphrases, and uses autotune well SPLASH!

He is one of the best gaming commentator I've ever seen. He is so hilarious, funny and has trademark catchphrases and autotune which makes his videos even funnier

I remember watching his videos back in the day and he is by far the funniest! What a legend

Hilarious without cursing or being offensive.

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