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41 Thegameblock

He should be in the top 10 he is so funny

Him along with Vanoss's friends should all be at the top of this very in accurate list

43 PeanutButterGamer

This guy is as funny as it gets. Skip his first few videos and you will be in video game heaven.

This dude is living proof that you don't need to curse to be funny.

So funny! Way better than Pewdiepie.

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44 Shan Dawson

Shane Dawson*
But still, he's the best!

45 OMFGCata

OMFGCata's host, Jesse Cox teams up with the likes of WOWcrendor and GameStation Commentators to deliver some of the most hilarious videos I have seen on YouTube. Check out his excellent voice-acting skills and witty one liners

46 Projared Projared
47 Gaming Lemon

Always brings a smile on my face.

Should be top ten!

The best and funniest

The funniest YouTuber ever (watch the Nigel thornberry sims 4 series Hilarious)

48 zXNoRegretzzXz (A.K.A. Kevin)

The most classy, funny and intelligent comnentator on youtube. If you've seen him, then it's hard to disagree with me.

49 Alchestbreach

I started watching his Fallout series, but his DayZ series has become my absolute favorite. Here you have a zero-sum game world that is designed to be a universe where political realism is the way to survive. And then there is Al. He is like the hippy who puts a flower in the barrel of a rifle pointed at him. His innocent kindness makes the incongruence of this kill-to-survive world makes for a lot of fun--Al being funny in general helps, too--and his kindness makes for a lot of fun because he inadvertently becomes a troll to the DayZ trolls. In other words, Al is awesome.

Clever, funny, and does an intelligent job of meshing his silliness with the story of the game to make it feel as though he is an actual character within the game, and not just an outside player looking in. Very enjoyable experience. His best series might be his Fallout New Vegas journey. He does many games other than that, but to us viewers the family he has created within that realm has imprinted on all our minds as the standard life of the silly wastelander that is Al. Never stop, Al!

How one guy can play one game for so long and still make ut fresh and funny is testament to this mans overlooked genius!

I watched a video of him pretending to use a leave blower (as in he was making the sounds) which the devolved into an argument with the inanimate object several times, in fact I'm off to watch chore time with al again right now!

In my opinion, the best and nicest YouTuber I've seen who is as random as the games he plays. Whether it's Fallout New Vegas mods, or some five dollar indie game Al creates a fun, and creative atmosphere for his games. Overall, Al has gained my respect as he acknowledges his subscribers, and fellow members of the Nexus Mod Community. Lastly, I believe he's underrated, and in my opinion a far superior YouTube commentator than Pewdiepie. No disrespect, just how I evaluate them in comparison.

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50 DashieGames DashieGames

I honestly think dashiegames is funnier than PewDiePie don't get me wrong I was watching PewDiePie long before dashiegames but when I first watched dashiegames he instantly became #1 I've been watching him for 3 months and never missed a day of laughter from him

He is even funnier than pewdiepie. I think him and pewdiepie should switch the amount of subs they have on YouTube... Seriously. You guys have to check him out! You'll laugh until you pee your pants!

You guys should watch dashiegames because he is really funny but the cursing is a problem though but I swear you will laugh until you pee in your pants he is more funny than Pewdiepie

Has me in tears laughing!

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51 ModernWarNegro

He's funnier than most of the people above him on this list.

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52 SilvaSlim
53 DSPgaming

How is this guy even on the list all he does is bash other gamers and get mad at the game when he does really bad. Then to try and make everything better he says that he's just like this for his gaming personality and then proceeds to call anyone that enjoys watching him retards.

This man is a true hardcore gamer, who plays all of the mainstream games while pulling off a couple of jokes on the way

54 Daneboe

Dane is awesome but can you do more than just thunder mcwyle I wants to see daneboe exposesed

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55 Jahovaswitniss
56 Immortalhd aka Aleks

Buy my shirts - Immortalhd

Immortal is the sort of guy you want to hang out with. His randomness and over-emphasis of things makes him really enjoyable. A great commentator.

Aleks humour makes me full on laugh my ass off whenever I see him in a video on the creature hub, his silence and stare are just too much to handle for me :')

This guy is so funny. With his lame jokes, made-up raps, his self-advertisement, and his frequent rage and such is hilarious.

His screams and in character role playing are THE best. Gaming with the Creatures amplifies his hilarity tenfold.

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57 newLEGACYinc

Possibly the hidden gem in terms of funniness and randomness for those who are into wrestling and the like. You have a whole crew of diverse people that show up on stream, but the main guy is Johnny. It is a mystery that the nL posse has gotten this far with popularity, or maybe not with the justification of their videos. They're definitely worth checking out.

Funniest guys on youtube, yet quite underrated. Please do yourselves a favor and check their channel out.

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58 faisalthex
59 Yamimash

What's he doing here? He should be in the top 20 at least because he's awesome.

Yamimash is hilarious. Especially in combination with Markiplier. - GREATEST

He's awesome I love him and his videos.

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