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61 TheDiamondMinecart

TheDiamondMinecart is awesome his videos are the best he used to curse in his video

S and everything in each video is brand new and yes he's totally Kid-friendly!

62 MrSark

IF your in to random and offensive jokes then Mr. Sark is the man for you!

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63 VideoGameDunkey

He makes you laugh until you can't breath.

He may be a bit of an (ass) but he's still funny.

Outrageously funny

Deserves to be in the top 10, one of the funniest YouTubers ever

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64 Kieranmfilms

Finally, Kieran, an Australian commentator needs to be shown to the world. Doing commentaries on various games, he is really genuinely funny with his Aussie charm. Also, he takes the unusual but well supported stance against the Modern Warfare series, getting extremely pissed off when playing it and ranting on people that quickscope, camp, use overpowered weapons and deathstreaks, and other stuff. Very hilarious, check him out ASAP! - TZHamblen

65 frenzy192fetush
66 Speedyw03
67 Soviet Womble V 1 Comment
68 ZeMachinima
69 JonTron JonTron Jonathan Aryan "Jon" Jafari, best known by his internet pseudonym JonTron, is an American comedian, reviewer, and internet personality.

One of the best gaming channels out there. There are only a few videos of his that aren't completely funny.

Skip his first four videos, along with the monkey song, and you will find pure comedy gold!

Monkey song is fantastic you heathen

He is the best funniest youtuber ever HE Is the BEST

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70 LeafyIsHere

Very witty and I'm surprised that he's not the #1 most subscribed channel, he's very funny and has a dark sense of humour and he occasionally does rants and I always seem to agree with him my favourite is probably The youtube rant so relatable

Leafy is hilarious. Watch his video about Melvin the hacker and you'll see why he's great.

Leafy is amazing! He's so funny! Watch his videos and you'll know why I think this!

Watch "Craziest Manchild" That is the video where he talks about "The Licking Guy" who just breaks into places to lick things. Lol. - GREATEST

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71 Stampylongnose

I wonder if he has a long nose.. Laugh out loud

One of the best YouTubers ever he used to swear but he stopped as soon as he found out Kids were watching Super child friendly YouTuber

Epicness. Does lots of games, Ni No Kuni, Minecraft, Disney infinity, to name a few. How was he not here until 2014?

72 Pyrocynical

Great YouTuber who provides entertaining commentaries and also really good at developing memes. His composed voice and logic makes hands-down one of the better commentators.

He makes everything look stupid with self-deprication humor and funny memes. I like his gaming and regular commentary videos.

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73 thisisacommentary

Tre melvin is funny as heck I love his channel

This guy is awesome go tre melvin

74 Dunkey

This guys videos NEVER get old. I've been subscribed for about a year now and since than he has became one of my top three favorite YouTube gamers. Not only does he play video games but he has done some recent prank calling videos like one titled papa johns is a fraud and another. I would definitely recommend this channel

If you haven't seen his videos, do yourself a favor and watch them now. Nobody is more hilarious, nobody comes up with the stuff that he can, his story times are the best. Literally nothing else on YouTube compares. I cry laughing at some of the things that come out of his mouth. Darude-Sandstorm

The only YouTube gamer who has ever made me laugh. He has an excellent understanding of video games and is sillier than all hell. Love his unique style of humor and look forward to watching more of his stuff. I'd personally recommend his Destiny, Watch Dogs, and Grand Theft Auto V reviews; they're pure comedy gold.

Most YouTube commentators cannot match the spontaneity, wit, and humor that Dunkey provides. Glad to see that he stopped making League videos too.

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75 SsohPkc or Seamus

Plays almost any game you can think of. His sarcastic humor makes it almost impossible not to laugh. Whether he's jumping on top the roofs of Rome, mowing down enemies with an lmg, or jumping on some goombas, Seamus is an all around great commentator.

This guy is an uploading god, he has more than 15 weeks of straight content on his channel and all of them are awesome, sarcastic commentary videos, truly one of the best, he should have more fans, he is certainly underrated

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76 Sips

He's the funniest guy I've ever seen and he makes it sound like he isn't even trying. Think of it like your dad, if your dad played video games and was funny.

Sips the man of the century, he has good jokes and is smarter than an onion so that says a lot about his comedy style.

Sips is extremely original and witty makes me laugh a lot!

This Guy talks his mind as he plays, and his mind is funny.

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77 Dopefish

This guy has an extremely contagious laugh. I really don't know how else to describe him.

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78 BedBananas

Bedbananas is an underrated youtuber and gets up to many endeavors in videogames, his work spans every continent and has been featured on the frontpage of Reddit. He recently returned from the war-strucken country of Somalia, the most dangerous country on Earth, where he went on a quest to clean up the streets and restore humanity to their war-torn country. In 2015 he will be investigating the methamphetamine trade in Mongolia, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Very underrated YouTuber, but his videos are hilarious. He should easily be in the top 10.

Wow this guy is on the list he is awesome

Should be #1 so underrated its insane

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79 swoozie06 V 2 Comments
80 Gavin Free Gavin Free Gavin David Free is an English actor, entertainer, producer, and filmmaker. Originally from Thame in Oxfordshire, he is best known for his work at the Austin, Texas-based production company Rooster Teeth – where he formerly served as creative director – featuring in many of their projects, including more.

Honestly I would not be watching roosterteeth if Gavin wasn't there he just makes all there videos funny. I don't think Michael should be up there but But Gavin and Ray should be second and third after Cr1tikal of course.

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