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81 Neebs Gaming

They make watching anything fun

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82 Elpresador (The Beast)
83 CoryxKenshin

CoryxKenshin has a slowly growing YouTube channel, and is one of the most underrated YouTube's out there. Here are 10 amazing things about him and his channel.

10. He takes the time to actually edit his videos.
Unlike most gamers, Cory takes his time to edit his material. He puts effort into his content like no other YouTuber I've watched.

9. He's ACTUALLY funny
He doesn't need to curse or use sex jokes every five seconds. He can crack jokes at any time, whether it's about the game he's playing, or trying to "spit bars onto the mic." His sense of humor is corny but original. In the end, you're sure to have a good laugh once or twice by the end of his videos.

I don't think this guy really aims to be like other YouTube gamers. (I don't think anyone who starts on YouTube has any intentions to be like others at all.) It's the fact that, he doesn't follow certain YouTube gamer trends. His videos are funny in their own way.

7. ...more

CoryxKenshin should at least be in like the 70's or 80's. This dude is so underrated.

He deserves more love!

I like coryxkenshin because,he is funny and plays horror games and g dash.

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84 IHateEverything V 1 Comment
85 Jesse Cox
86 GradeAUnderA GradeAUnderA
87 Blametruth

Take Pokemon and mix it with a lot of rudeness. this is what Blametruth is.
I simply love him.

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88 keralis

Keralis is very genuine guy and is very interactive with his fans. He is also very silly and funny. He has a lot of catch phrases that his fans are constantly trying to get him to repeat. I think he is a very under rated youtuber. When he and his wife play games together, it is so funny! And he is very sweet to her which is a plus in my book. His Swedish accent is adorable and his wife and new born baby are cuties! He is the kind of guy you would love to hang out with and laugh with whilst gaming. Keralis is kind of a derp though and will be the first to admit it! You can tell though that he is having a blast and nothing ever seems fake or overdone with him. Check him out!

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89 Whiteboy7thst

A great guy with an awesome personality both in the internet world and in real life

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90 xCaliz0rz

One of the pioneers of commentating, with humor and a wide variety of gameplay to boot.

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91 TheAuZZieGamer

Creative, Hilarious and Awesome!

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92 MissMoonica
93 Markiplier Markiplier

My MAIN gamer YouTuber! He's funny, and humor is awesome. ;w;


94 LtCorbis

Hilarious 11 year old with the mental age of a 22 year old. Creates great metaphors and similes about the cancer on YouTube.

LtCorbis is an 11 year old girl with the brain of a male college student. She's awesome.

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95 slamacow
96 Squiiddish

BEST Assassin's Creed commentaries as well as a bunch of other awesome commentaries for a wide variety of games.

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97 ElRubiusOMG

He is one of the best Spanish gamers

98 EthosLab
99 Vinesauce (Vinny)
100 Ssundee

He I really engaging and funny

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