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141 k
142 KYR SP33DY

Him along with the Crew (Deluxe 4, NobodyEpic, ImJahova, ShadowBeatz, Deluxe 20) are in a league of their own when it comes to game commentating.

Unlike most YouTubers, I'm looking at you vanoss and friends, speedy and his crew are actually funny. Why? Because they are smart, they use smart humour, rather than silly, stupid humour, which is just a lot more entertaining. He also doesn't target his audience towards only children, some of the stuff they talk about wouldn't be understood by children. He's generally funny.

I love KYR sp33dy he is so great at trolling and I love his ninja defuses and I also love Josie Loren

Speedy can play any game and provide the funniest commentary.

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143 xxSlyFoxHoundxx

Slyfoxhound is one of the best commentators I've eve watched. He won me over with his Kingdom Hearts series and never ceases to amaze me.

One of the best YouTubers and he is very weird and funny and awesome and all that good stuff. also don't get mixed up when he says "silver" he means "iron". go cheek out his channel

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144 K77Product
145 Wilsontech1
146 Tealgamemaster

British gamer, hilarious and plays a huge range of games

147 MinnesotaBurns

Just kidding this guy is a fake troll and has tricked millions of little boys into believing his videos are actually funny and real

Great, yet sometimes stale content, Minnesota Burns seems to always make a great video that makes for an enjoyable time.

148 Xodaaaa V 1 Comment
149 ADoseOfBuckley

Interesting points when it comes to his opinions. A good microphone quality so that I can understand him, and his videos are interesting. Some of his points can easily make people agree with him. This guy obviously needs more people to watch him.

Aside from my own brother, I've never agreed with one man's opinions and scope of reality so consistently. Great scriptwriting, top notch delivery, and very entertaining subject matter. If you're looking for some rage-based intellect, I couldn't recommend this man enough.

An angry and hateful Canadian, who would've thought? His opinions on things are always negative but always hilarious! I reccomend him highly (if you're at least 17)!

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150 CommanderNapkin
151 Secluded Hermit

He is kinda new but funny as hell and perfect for all the penguinz0 lovers :p He just cracks me up plus he is interactive with his fans

152 SpokenReasons V 1 Comment
153 TrollarchOffice
154 SpenceLoverBoy
155 Chisaleya

She's a lady from Finland who likes playing video games and drinking coffee. A little hard to get into, but very entertaining once you get there.

156 ChimneySwift11

Chimney is awesome and he is a very entertaining guy and can be funny sometimes.

157 GameGrumps

Sure, they might seem somewhat incompetent at playing some games from time to time, but that's only because they focus so much on quality commentary and story-telling. I often start playing their videos in the background as I work at my desk, since their laid back conversations and story-telling isn't always related to the game itself, which can be a good thing! You just gotta love that duo!

Can't go through an episode without laughing! Love these guys.

Dan and Arin are so damn funny, I'm laughing every episode. You don't watch Game Grumps to learn about the game or to see a walkthrough (god no), but you watch them to forget about life and laugh for a good 10 minuets. I give these guys all my thumbs up.

Hi I'm grump I'm not so grumppp and we're the game GRUMPS! :D

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158 BirgirPall

Very funny! He's from Iceland but most people think he's from Sweedin.

159 NepentheZ
160 Susanstrippin

Newest vlogger. She's hilarious
Gathering sponsors but starts this month.
She's soon to b #1.

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