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141 Tealgamemaster

British gamer, hilarious and plays a huge range of games

142 Xodaaaa V 1 Comment
143 CommanderNapkin
144 Secluded Hermit

He is kinda new but funny as hell and perfect for all the penguinz0 lovers :p He just cracks me up plus he is interactive with his fans

145 SpokenReasons V 1 Comment
146 SpenceLoverBoy
147 Chisaleya

She's a lady from Finland who likes playing video games and drinking coffee. A little hard to get into, but very entertaining once you get there.

148 ChimneySwift11

Chimney is awesome and he is a very entertaining guy and can be funny sometimes.

149 BirgirPall

Very funny! He's from Iceland but most people think he's from Sweedin.

150 NepentheZ
151 Susanstrippin

Newest vlogger. She's hilarious
Gathering sponsors but starts this month.
She's soon to b #1.

152 SCMowns

Best mod reviewer ever!

153 Bashurverse
154 TheAtlanticCraft
155 AntVenom
156 ChrizP Playz
157 Lefloid Lefloid
158 Villager News
159 beyondxdeathGamer
160 Badh3ro
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