Funniest Eminem Songs

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1 My Name Is My Name Is Cover Art

Easyest the funniest

2 Ass Like That Ass Like That Cover Art

I'm surprised this isn't number 1

I am Arnold get down get down

flat out hilarious

3 The Real Slim Shady The Real Slim Shady Cover Art

The whole song is just hilarious
My bum is on your lips

This usually deserves number one

My name is the real slim shady.

4 Fack Fack Cover Art

This is so bad and funny at the same time. What makes it so funny besides the lyrics, is how bad it is

So bad that it's funny.


5 Just Lose It Just Lose It Cover Art

Grab your left nut and make your right one jealous

"Give a little poot poot it's OK Oops my CD just skipped And everyone just heard you let one rip" LOL How is this not 1?

When he says "haven't touched on anything but little boys, now that's not a stab at Michael" 😹

6 Without Me Without Me Cover Art

There seems to be some negativity about Slim's sense of humor, but if you ask me, his songs are hilarious.
I have no problem with my messed up sense of humor,you should not either,and if anyone says otherwise they are wrong.

7 Superman Superman Cover Art
8 Taking My Ball Taking My Ball Cover Art

Okay this song is just wrong

This should be top ten

9 Role Model Role Model Cover Art
10 The Kids
The Contenders
11 Criminal Criminal Cover Art

The way he says criminal is so funny

So much anti-sexual phrases

This songs funny cause I’m a criminal

12 C** On Everybody C** On Everybody Cover Art

The name itself

13 We Made You We Made You Cover Art

Eminem is GREAT and this song so funny

14 Kill You Kill You Cover Art

Damn funny! He abuses his own mom!

15 Guilty Conscience Guilty Conscience Cover Art

Ha! Ha! Super funny song it is!

16 As the World Turns As the World Turns Cover Art

Funny. No more words needed

Lol made me alaugh

17 Marshall Mathers Marshall Mathers Cover Art
18 My Dad's Gone Crazy My Dad's Gone Crazy Cover Art
19 My Band My Band Cover Art

This is hilarious just to see the funny part of what's going on with Eminem and the rest of D12

20 Rain Man Rain Man Cover Art

I don’t have no legs or no brain nice to meet u hi my name is, I forgot my name,

21 Big Weenie Big Weenie Cover Art

Just plain funny. No matter what age you'll get it. It connects to with school theme

My point is this is u keep saying mean things your weenie will shrink,now I forgot what the coures is

22 Berzerk Berzerk Cover Art

Lol so funny

23 Insane Insane Cover Art

Funniest "I was born with a dick in my brain"

24 Kim Kim Cover Art

What the hell, this is not funny

Funny? More like scary.

Funny? I have doubts

25 Puke Puke Cover Art

The clean version is funny. "You're a ' piece of poop! "

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