Top Ten Funniest Everybody Loves Raymond Characters

Who is your funniest Everybody Loves Raymond Character?

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1 Frank Barone

So honest and clear. A hard life with Marie but always great food! A nice guy. Very direct in his remarks.

Frank is my favorite. He beats Marie by just a hair.

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2 Robert Barone

My most favorite everybody loves Raymond is Robert cause he's so funny

3 Raymond Barone
4 Debra Barone

In my opinion, Debra is the LEAST funny character on the show. While Raymond can be whiny, he's actually funny. Debra is so unnecessarily nasty to Ray a lot of the time. My least favorite scene with her is when she's mad at Ray that he can't fold a shirt. That's only part of it. In general, most of the characters are funny, except her. - matty925

5 Marie Barone

Marie should be in the top 3! Funnier than Debra. But opinions are opinions

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6 Amy McDougal-Barone
7 Peter McDougal
8 Hank McDougal
9 Pat McDougal

Pat is funnier than Hank. - Therandom

10 Gianni

The Contenders

11 Garvin
12 Johnny
13 Bernie
14 Stan
15 Lee
16 Andy
17 Peggy
18 Lois Whelan
19 Warren Whelan
20 Nemo
21 Gerard
22 Stefania
23 Father Hubley
24 Judy
25 Marco
26 Uncle Mel
27 Kevin

Kevin James from King of Queens.

28 George
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1. Frank Barone
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1. Frank Barone
2. Marie Barone
3. Robert Barone
1. Frank Barone
2. Raymond Barone
3. Pat McDougal

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