Funniest Family Guy Episodes


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1 Road to the Multiverse

Best episode ever what the hell is bird is a word doing on here it's not an episode it's a song the episode is called I Dream of Jesus season 7 episode 2

So unique and AWESOME! When you first watch it, it's fun seeing what's going to happen next! Definitely the best one!

2 Family Gay
3 Back to the Pilot
4 I Dream of Jesus

Come on people, THIS is the episode the includes the "bird is the word" song, and many other funny scenes!

5 Big Man on Hippocampus
6 Stewie Loves Lois
7 Da Boom
8 The Juice Is Loose
9 Stewie Kills Lois
10 Quagmire's Dad

The Contenders

11 I Never Met the Dead Man
12 Stew-Roids
13 Blue Harvest
14 Sibling Rivalry
15 Blind Ambition
16 Hannah Banana
17 Quagmire's Baby
18 The Fat Guy Strangler

I love the part when Lois' brother walks in on his mother and Jackie Gleason.

19 The Tan Aquatic with Steve Zissou
20 Petarded
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