Funniest Family Guy Scenes

The Top Ten Funniest Family Guy Scenes

1 Puking Contest

Peter, Chris, Brian, and Stewie have a puking contest for the last piece of pie. - lukestheman4

All the males of the family have a puking contest. - EpicJake

Haha I remember that very well

2 Distracting Trumpet


A brilliant scene, makes me laugh every time

5 mobsters try to talk to each other while a guy plays a trumpet very loud. - lukestheman4

3 Crystal Meth

Peter tries to bond with Chris by snorting crystal meth. - lukestheman4

Why is there not a hole in this wall laugh out loud

4 Breast Feeding

Stewie's reaction is absolutely priceless :D

My brother pissed his pants its that funny

Peter breast feeds Stewie. - lukestheman4

5 Physical Exam

Peter goes to see Dr. Hartman for a physical exam. - lukestheman4

6 Bullfrog

Wow, so many good choices on this list but bullfrog is one of the funniest moments of all time!

Peter gets Chris a bullfrog that he accidentally killed and tried to throw it out the window. - lukestheman4

7 Tight Jeans

Yosemite Sam buys some very tight jeans. - lukestheman4

This part is hilarious.

8 Cool Whip
9 Jabba the Griffin

Peter tells Chris that all Griffins are fat such as his great, great uncle Jabba the Griffin. - lukestheman4

Janna The Hutt, Jabba The Griffin. Haha. So Jabba The Griffin must like Star Wars or something. - EpicJake

10 Asian Driver

An Asian woman tries to cut across 8 lanes without using her turn signal. - lukestheman4

The Contenders

11 Life Narration Phase

Peter goes through a phase in which he narrates his own life. - lukestheman4

12 Peter vs. The Giant Chicken

Lol! Realizes it was just the credit card they were ighting over!

13 Stewie Following Fat People With a Tuba

STOP IT! CUT IT OUT! - Caleb9000


14 Scooby Doo Murder Files

My Lungs were Dead after This Segment

I guess this is the origin of that gritty reboot called Be Cool Scooby Doo.

15 Halle Berry's Wild Ride
16 Free Hat Trap
17 37 Year Old Woman On a Blind Date Having Fun
18 Palestinian Alarm Clock

Peter gets a Palestinian alarm clock that explodes on the designated time. - lukestheman4

19 Dance of Life
20 Radical Penis Enlargement
21 Trying to Save a Beached Whale With a Forklift

This was sad

22 Bag of Weed Song
23 Find a Jew App

Peter uses his Find a Jew APP on his iphone to find Muriel Goldman. - lukestheman4

24 Roadhouse Driving
25 Non Praying Mantis
26 Racist Kermit the Frog

That scene is hilarious! 😂

27 Sir Henry Giantholeinthetorso Wickenshire duels Sir Joseph Broadfront
28 Stewie Reads Curious George Goes to His Gym Coach's Apartment
29 The Sound of Music
30 Rodney King of Queens
31 Buff Hamster
32 Stork Startling
33 Meg Dates the Count
34 Peter as Jackee Harry's Personal Grocery Shopper
35 Frying Pan Antidote
36 Lois and Stewie on Family Feud
37 Brian Cuts His Ear Off
38 Trololo Waiter
39 Stewie Talks About Brian's Novel
40 Peter Watches The Ring
41 Stamp Collecting
42 Hamster Meg
43 Self Absorbed Julia Roberts
44 Foghorn Leghorn Goes to KFC
45 American Speedy Gonzales
46 Victorian Girl Ghost
47 Barry Manilow Concert
48 Popeye is Confused
49 Doggy Hell
50 Goofy Goes to Hell
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