Top 10 Funniest Fruits and Vegetables


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1 Banana

What is not funny about a banana? It's yellow, it's phallic, and monkeys love em. You can slice one up and put it in a cream pie and throw it in the face of foreign dignitaries then slip on the peel as you try to run away laughing. No other fruit or vegetable really offers that. - ignoble

It has such a funny form! Hey! What are you thinking of? - keyson

We laugh when we see someone slip on one.

I hate them they taste horrible but I like the word

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2 Orange

It can be annoying though... - keyson

3 Lemon

It's funny when someone wants to put lemon to his food and he presses so hard it ends up on his eye. - keyson

4 Potato

Kinda like Mr. Potato from Peppa pig

5 Tomato
6 Melon

Haha, Keyson! I was going to vote cucumber because of their taste (! ) and I love them, but this made me laugh!
Great list! - Britgirl

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7 Chili

I've put habanero sauce in my mother's tea before. She could have killed me. - PositronWildhawk

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8 Kiwi
9 Coconut

Reminds me of Monty Python! - Joeflan

Put a lime in it for extra laughs

10 Cucumber

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11 Cherry

Don't ask me why this one's funny. - keyson

12 Carrot Carrot
13 Lady Finger
14 Ginger
15 Peach
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