Top Ten Funniest Genuine Graffiti Messages


The Top Ten

1 Give Peas A Chance

Have also seen "Give bees a chance". Always makes me chuckle. - PetSounds

This is on a bridge above the M25 motorway on the way out of London. It has always had a place in my heart. - PositronWildhawk

2 Some people do this for fun. I'm just a cunt.
3 Sorry My Graffiti Sucks

Haha, I like this list.
And yeah, if I tried, my graffiti would suck too. - Kiteretsunu

4 (By fallen gate behind flats) Do not cum in here.
5 (On Police Sign Saying "Speeding. What's Your Excuse.") Helping you bastards pay for donuts.

Well, the supply of donuts we have is very limited. Most have fuzz all over them. - PositronWildhawk

This is really funny too. Would love to see people smiling on that one. - Kiteretsunu

Haha! I get it.
Another really funny lisu, Pos! - Britgirl

6 If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes politics.

It's true, though. Donald Dump does it a lot.

This is true. - RiverClanRocks

7 It's now safe to turn off your government!
8 Let's totally write quotes instead of just drawing a penis.
9 (On No Entry Sign With Eyes Drawn On) Ninja Entry!
10 This Is Graffiti - Captain Obvious

This reminds me of my friend - happyhappyjoyjoy

The Contenders

11 Fight apathy or don't.
12 (By hole in fence with an arrow drawn on) Hole!

When I saw this a few years ago, the sheer simplicity of the word 'hole' made me and my friends laugh for ages. - Britgirl

13 Things I Hate: 1. Graffiti. 2. Lists. 3. Irony.

Ha! Funny. What else can you do? - Britgirl

14 Go to drugs, eat your school, don't do vegetables.
15 Eat a friend. Heck, eat them all.
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