Top Ten Funniest Glee Episodes

The episodes that cracked me up! Let me know what you think and add the episodes that you find funny in this list!

The Top Ten Funniest Glee Episodes

1 Blame It On the Alcohol

I love this episode I could watch it over and over

2 Britney/Brittany
3 Previously Unaired Christmas

There are no words to explain how AWESOME the episode is. Just saying

Santana was so funny in this episode!

It was so funny Santana did an amazing job! 😆

Santana was hilarious as Miss Claus 😂

4 Hell-O
5 Audition
6 The Power of Madonna

Sue sang Vogue and she's awesome!

7 Britney 2.0

No doubt my favorite this should be #2 on the list I agree with blame it on the alcohol

8 Pilot
9 Born This Way
10 The Substitute

The Contenders

11 Puppet Master
12 Preggers
13 Rocky Horror Glee Show
14 Tested

Season five episode 17

15 Showmance
16 Love Love Love
17 The Hurt Locker, Part Two
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