Funniest Halo 3/Halo 3: ODST Dialogue with the IWHBYD Skull

The Top Ten

1 Let me in!" "What's the password?" "Password?" "You might be the enemy!" "But I'm not" "You might be captured and being held hostage!" "Let me in please!!" "No." "I'm not a brute I promise!" "Tell that to your brute buddies." "Do I SOUND like a Brute?!"

An easter egg. - HaloFanboy

2 He was my lover! - A Brute, when you kill another Brute
3 I am getting b**ch slapped. - 343 Guilty Spark
4 Enjoy my bright blue balls! - Suicidal Grunt
5 Really, I am not going to kiss you in front of everyone! - An Elite, if you stare at him
6 You hurt my feelings! Wait, I have feelings? I am a real boy! - 343 Guilty Spark
7 Quick question! Have we ever wandered off to look for the enemy and not ended up dead?! - Grunt
8 I know this is a great game, but don't you think it's time to change your underwear? - Marine
9 I will rip off your arms and play bongos on your head! - ODST
10 Is it because of Reach? - Elite, if you melee him
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