Top Ten Funniest Harry Potter Scenes


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1 George's "Holy" Joke

"How do you feel George? " "I feel saint-like! " "What? " "Because I'm holy. Get it fred, holey? " When george gets his ear cut off. - HedwigGranger

2 Fred and George's Grand Exit

During OOTP when Fred and George decide to leave hogwarts, and they set off fireworks in the great hall and fly away on brooms with umbridge chasing them. - HedwigGranger


3 Parvati's Uranus Joke

"Professor Trelawney! I think I've discovered a new planet! " "that's just uranus my dear." "Parvati, can I see uranus too? " During divination, this is only in the books. - HedwigGranger

JK Rowling never thought the editors would even allow it lol.

4 McGonagalls Spell Casting

At the beginning of the battle of hogwarts, when mcgonagall casts the spell to make the statues come alive. "I've always wanted to use that spell! " - HedwigGranger

I loved this scene - CloudytheLeopard

5 McGonagall Telling Neville to Blow Stuff Up

During the battle of Hogwarts Mcgonagall tells neville to blow stuff up. "I want you to blow it all up." "Blow it up? Boom? " "Boom." - HedwigGranger

6 Fred Ang George Confusing Molly

At the beginning of the first book when Molly is talking to Fred and George goes "that's not Fred, I'm Fred! " and acts so offended. "can't even tell her own sons apart! "-Fred. - HedwigGranger

7 Neville's Boggart

When Neville's boggart appears as Snape, and he dresses it up in his grandma's clothes. - HedwigGranger

8 Harry Attacking Malfoy in the Invisibility Cloak

When Harry sneaks into hogsmeade with the invisibility cloak and drags malfoy around, and malfoy was so confused and scared. - HedwigGranger

9 Fred and George's Legacy

After Fred and George left hogwarts, all the teachers left parts of their swamps in the halls, and peeves played many pranks in their memory. - HedwigGranger

10 Trelawneys Fighting Method

In the battle of hogwarts when all of the students and teachers are casting spells and Trelawney is just in the background throwing crystal balls at people and yelling take that! - HedwigGranger

Oh nooo way - koulovamarketa

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11 Harry’s dream about Neville dancing with Professor Sprout in the Room of Requirement while Professor McGonagall plays the bagpipes
12 Moody Turns Draco Malfoy Into a Ferret
13 “There's no need to call me'sir,' Professor.”
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