Top Ten Funniest Hell's Kitchen Contestants

The Top Ten Funniest Hell's Kitchen Contestants

1 Sterling - Season 13

He had a charming attitude that just made me laugh so hard, and his opinion on haters= Having Attitude Towards Everyone Reaching Success is something to live by.

Best chef ever so made he got kicked off

The part where he sings "My Name Is Sterling" is the funniest part of him! No wonder he's always 100!

French toast, crepes, Florentine how long?

2 Van - Season 6

This guy was so entertaining to watch! He had a lot of energy.

The most funniest contestant I have ever seen on the show! - ndog

Enthusiastic, passionate, just could be better on the stove top.

His energy just puts a smile on my face

3 Salvatore - Season 7

His life story was hilarious and his incidents in hell's kitchen. Him being Italian was a big disadvantage however it was a funny one.

Funniest contestant ever for me

I gotta cheated on chef!

So funny

4 Brian - Season 10

Hey Brian, what does it taste like. It tastes like fish. His mind is on the slide. Seriously he was way better then Clemenza. And he has a better attitude and he was better looking than Clemenza. But still no black jacket. Kiss my ass if you don't believe me.

Protein, protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck duck, protein, protein, protein, protein, duck, duck, duck, duck, come on, who didn't laugh at that!? Might I add, even Chef Ramsey said he was a "funny guy"

Got to point where Ramsey told him to imatate achef

5 Tommy - Season 9

I had grown to love him and support him and his personality was off the charts and most importantly, his cooking was no joke

Those grape jokes... true magic, right there.

Bad puns - Murphdog405


6 Robert - Season 5

Whether it was him doing an impression of Ramsay or his argument against Lacey, he was one of the funniest on the show.

His quote to Lacey made me crack up as well as his quote about Halibut being on the Blue Team's Menu

Good cook with a cool, entertaining, positive personality.

"Where's the beaf? "

7 Paul - Season 9

Since when was Paul funny? he was a great chef.


8 Petrozza - Season 4
9 Jim - Season 6

Love his humor, "we're not at war so calm down and let's cook some carrots" lol

Loved his deadpan confessionals -especially the "Robert and his morbid obesity" line.

Hit him! - Murphdog405

10 Raj - Season 8

So bad, that he's hilarious.

The only funny thing about Raj was his crap performance

He was robbed - Murphdog405

He was funny but he wasn't the comedian,he was the joke we were laughing at him not with or for him

The Contenders

11 Josh - Season 14

I didn't think he would earn a black jacket, but I am glad he did. He is such a funny guy! Loved the signature dish and phone call moments! - DaniMax7

Josh is my favorite contestant of that season! The signature dish and phone call with Ramsay moments were the funniest!

Left at the right time but very, very entertaining

Great and funny leader

12 Dewberry - Season 1

"I'd rather you'd be saying I was Brad Pitt's wife"

Sounds like Mr. Garrison from South Park - Murphdog405

13 Vinny - Season 8

Gordon: Vinny, how come you always look so fresh in the morning?
Vinny:It's a gift I guess.
Marcus: LOL

Jillian: Make us something delicious for dinner!
Vinny: I'm delicious~

14 Anthony - Season 11

Loved his confessional. Should have had a black jacket, he was robbed.

This guy made Season 11 bearable. His confessional cracked me up.

Meat as far as the eye can see!

Funniest guy in the whole show to date.

15 Rochelle - Season 12

She giggles a lot. Even I giggle when I say her name

She made me giggle just because she was giggling.

16 Guy - Season 10


Screamed like a bitch when he cut his finger - ndog

Screamed like a bitch - ndog

17 Nedra - Season 11

Disagree. Nedra was way more annoying than funny.

No other contestant could talk about their hoo haa's in front of Gordon Ramsay.

€�Chef can we pray before you bust my balls? ”

18 Bonnie - Season 3

Had to laugh when she yelled at Melissa. 'MY GOOD'.

19 Amanda - Season 6

"One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, four"

Amanda 12 3s 9 chef 36 chef 36 chef I am sorry haha

20 Bobby - Season 4

I'm a Four Star General

21 Aaron - Season 3

What a sissy at 48

22 Clemenza - Season 10
23 Eddie - Season 15

"CSI stands for "Crime Scene Investigation". Not "Chicken Sucks Idiot."" - ndog

24 Dan - Season 11

I have only a question, why is he up here?

Because he is ugly

25 Ed - Season 7

Got naked in the hot tub

I'm never gonna forget that hot tub

26 Colleen - Season 5

So bad, it was hilarious to watch.

"Four caesar sala, three shrimp, one plain"

27 Sebastian - Season 11

Zachy wacky okay mikey wikey

Zachy Wacky

28 Alan - Season 15

Shouldn't be on here.

There is a fungus amungus it's growing out of everything its growing out of the fllor

Uh oh. Horey dumpring

29 Gaurav - Season 12

Why is he on here?

30 Will - Season 9
31 Louross - Season 4

Made love to the fish.

Walking toilet brush - Murphdog405

32 Jason - Seasons 9 & 12
33 T - Season 14

Burns people real good!

Looks like a man - Murphdog405

34 Meese - Season 15


35 Frank - Season 13

"Messing up. It's like I don't know it's like a monkey and a wrench. A monkey, a wrench, and a monkey monkey and a... That's not right hold on..." - ndog

36 Jackie - Season 15

I believe she made season 15 so entertaining because that season is the worst. - ndog

Oh hell no. She was anything but funny. She and Frank were what ruined season 15

37 Nick - Season 14
38 Elise - Season 9

Super hilarious! Easily the best cook of season 9. She is a great team leader as she got along well with her own team.


39 Danny - Season 5
40 Dave - Season 6
41 Dana - Season 10
42 Heather - Season 2
43 Rob - Season 8
44 Alison - Season 14

Kept saying "All day" on episode 10 - ndog

45 Mikey - Season 7
46 Jason - Season 7
47 Benjamin - Season 7

Looks like Shaggy, he probably achieved Ultra Instinct too. - Murphdog405

48 Andrew - Season 1
49 Mary Ellen - Season 1
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