Top Ten Funniest Hell's Kitchen Contestants

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1 Sterling - Season 13

He had a charming attitude that just made me laugh so hard, and his opinion on haters= Having Attitude Towards Everyone Reaching Success is something to live by.

The part where he sings "My Name Is Sterling" is the funniest part of him! No wonder he's always 100!

2 Van - Season 6

Enthusiastic, passionate, just could be better on the stove top.

This guy was so entertaining to watch! He had a lot of energy.

The most funniest contestant I have ever seen on the show!

3 Salvatore - Season 7

His life story was hilarious and his incidents in hell's kitchen. Him being Italian was a big disadvantage however it was a funny one.

I gotta cheated on chef!

4 Brian - Season 10

Hey Brian, what does it taste like. It tastes like fish. His mind is on the slide. Seriously he was way better then Clemenza. And he has a better attitude and he was better looking than Clemenza. But still no black jacket. Kiss my ass if you don't believe me.

5 Tommy - Season 9

Ramsey: "Do you like speed"
Tommy: "Meth or Coke"
That and all the puns. Should have been allowed to keep his jacket rather than Elise

I had grown to love him and support him and his personality was off the charts and most importantly, his cooking was no joke

6 Petrozza - Season 4
7 Vinny - Season 8
8 Robert - Season 5

Whether it was him doing an impression of Ramsay or his argument against Lacey, he was one of the funniest on the show.

Good cook with a cool, entertaining, positive personality.

His quote to Lacey made me crack up as well as his quote about Halibut being on the Blue Team's Menu

9 Dewberry - Season 1
10 Jim - Season 6

Loved his deadpan confessionals -especially the "Robert and his morbid obesity" line.

'I'm not intimidated by anybody... okay, I'm a little intimidated by Chef Ramsay...'

Baby food tastes good."

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11 Raj - Season 8

'How can Chef Ramsay blame me for eating this delicious food... it's fantastic!'

So bad, that he's hilarious.

He was extremely funny, but as that idiot who doesn't know anything

12 Paul - Season 9
13 Nedra - Season 11

No other contestant could talk about their hoo haa's in front of Gordon Ramsay.

Disagree. Nedra was way more annoying than funny.

"Chef can we pray before you bust my balls? "

14 Josh - Season 14

I didn't think he would earn a black jacket, but I am glad he did. He is such a funny guy! Loved the signature dish and phone call moments!

Josh is my favorite contestant of that season! The signature dish and phone call with Ramsay moments were the funniest!

Great and funny leader

15 Rochelle - Season 12

She made me giggle just because she was giggling.

16 Bobby - Season 4
17 Amanda - Season 6

Shouldn't be on here

18 Anthony - Season 11

Loved his confessional. Should have had a black jacket, he was robbed.

This guy made Season 11 bearable. His confessional cracked me up.

Funniest guy in the whole show to date.

Meat as far as the eye can see!

19 Clemenza - Season 10
20 Jackie - Season 15

I believe she made season 15 so entertaining because that season is the worst.

Oh hell no. She was anything but funny. She and Frank were what ruined season 15

21 Bonnie - Season 3
22 Ed - Season 7

Got naked in the hot tub

23 Guy - Season 10
24 Aaron - Season 3

What a sissy at 48

25 Colleen - Season 5

So bad, it was hilarious to watch.

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