Top 10 Funniest Horror Movies

The Top Ten Funniest Horror Movies

1 Scream

I love this movie, Gory, Funny, a great suspenseful comedy-style horror movie that I recommend you to get.

Just Kill Sidney already she answered the phone - tntman36

Not that Scary, actually, pretty funny.

Want to play killer and victem sure do

2 Child's Play

this movie is pretty cheesy but it can be funny, like when chucky and the kid are having a fight. the movie is so suspenseful. would have never guessed what would of happend if my friend wasnt there

Chucky is my favorite bad guy, he is so funny! But I don't get why it's so hard to fight him he's so small you could just kick his ass across the room.

The funniest scary movie ever. I like glen ( or whatever). He is all soft and chucky is all bad. Glen would never hurt a fly.

Chucky is so funny when he's pissed off!

3 Dead Alive

Goriest, funniest, any-other-adjective-you-can-think-of(est) movie in the world. - fireinside96

Gore galore...

4 Jason X

Oh yes. Jason X was funny and entertaining. Yes, the acting was trash and the story was nonsense but still quite entertaining. Just don't take it seriously and everything will be ok - Alexandr

This was so funny. Jason in space and the future killing his dumbest victims yet, The scene where he kills the virtual campers and fights that robot chick had me rolling. - lukestheman4

I vote for this in the absence of Killer Klowns from Outer Space, because this is still hilarious! - Snackfan

5 A Nightmare on Elm Street 2 - Freddy's Revenge

This one actually isn't funny. Put yourself in Jesse's position. The funny one was the 6th one. I love them all anyway. The ones Wes wrote and directed were the best. (1, 3, 7).

Never watched this but it looks scary. To be honest, The Haunted House from 2013 and Zombieland should be at top 3. - maddyparrot22

6 Stephen King's It

Are people really scared of this movie? It's hilarious!

The entire conversation between Georgie and Pennywise made me laugh.

Pennywise: KISS ME FAT BOI
I died - SoloPotato

7 Saw

Haha, that is some funny shit.

8 I Know What You Did Last Summer
9 House of 1,000 Corpses

I honestly did not expect to see this in the top 10, but it is hilarious. It deserves it - Jonerman

10 The Exorcist

What are you talking about this is scary and I don't care what you say this makes me
vomit and get nightmares nonstop.

This isn't scary at all, I just piss myself with laughter every time Captain Howdy (or Pazuzu) goes nuts

The Contenders

11 Paranormal Activity 2

Everyone was laughing in the cinema - roblist

12 Saw 3D: The Final Chapter
13 Scary Movie

Well that's actually very funny recommend to you

14 Troll 2

They're eating her, and then they're going to eat me! OH MY GOSH!

Do you like...corn? - Knucklewood

15 Halloween
16 The Fly
17 Zombieland

Looking for twinkies and accidentally killing Bill Murray was hilarious.

Can’t go wrong with Emma Stone or Woody Harrelson!

18 Dead End
19 The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is not funny. - SoloPotato

20 Frankenstein
21 Saw III
22 Paranormal Activity

Made me laugh when he got thrown onto the camera - immabe

23 The Shining

This movie isn't supposed to be funny, but it has it's moments

24 Dawn of the Dead
25 Shaun of the Dead

Laugh out loud! Funniest horror/comedy EVER

It's not horror at all - venomouskillingmachine

26 Saw IV
27 The Seed of Chucky
28 The Devil's Rejects
29 Saw V
30 House

Great mix of horror and comedy.
Just awesome -

31 Conjurer

its scary but not the part with everything never happend kinda funny - manglercmj

I Love that movie chicly the killer doll

32 Cloverfield
33 Drag Me to Hell
34 The Cabin In The Woods
35 Blood Gnome
36 Tusk
37 Beetlejuice

I'm not sure if this counts as an actual horror film but it has its moments and can be really funny too.

38 Boogeyman 2
39 The Haunting
40 Boogeyman
41 Fido
42 Book of Shadows - Blair Witch 2
43 George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead
44 Leprechaun
45 Poltergeist

It is not scary but it is pretty funny!

46 Rubber
47 Paranormal Activity 4

The two teens see the video of the little boy getting in her bed.

48 Seed
49 The Tripper
50 Miner's Massacre
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