Top Ten Funniest iCarly Characters


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1 Sam Puckett Sam Puckett

She's totally aggressive, I love aggressive characters they're funny! Sam puckett quotes: *eats California fat cake* "It's like eating a fat angel." Carly: I just want you to be happy. Sam: then bake me a pie. *walks out in dress in a pageant* "My name is Samantha Puckett I'm from Seattle and I love fried chicken! " Teacher: DO YOU WANT TO GET KICKED OUT OF CLASS? Sam: it's my dream! " The wisest words ever come from sam Puckett, VOTE FOR HER, she is so wise and definitely not stupid (uses sarcasm on the wise part) AND SHE IS REALLY FUNNY! She earned her place at number one with funniest icarly character ever

Even though ICarly is bad, she's actually sorta good

None of the characters are funny. The show is suckish


2 Spencer Shay Spencer Shay

Remember that one time when his pants dropped in shock? - Yungstirjoey

Without remedy, lots of laughs in between

3 Carly Shay Carly Shay

A lot of times she is funny

Carly is never funny she was only made me slightly smile one time

Carly is not funny at all

4 Gibby Gibson

Way funnier about anyone else

Gibby is at the top

Groove took it to another level, say good languages ​​that I will give him his own show on Disney

5 Freddie Benson Freddie Benson

It has the style comedy but is loved by his intellect

6 Guppy Gibson

The child upset me laugh

Happy birthday!

He's so cute!

He is so cute when he says, “happy birthday! ” - PokemonRPGbro

7 Aspartamay
8 Melanie Puckett

This blonde bitch was sweet but funny

9 Nora Dershlit

Ugly crazy scandals took me to the doctor of laughter

10 Lewbert

Lewbert is also at the top

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11 Reuben
12 Nevel Papperman

You'll Rue this day you'll RUE it

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