Funniest Ideas on the List Top 10 Episodes that Should Be Created in Season 10 of SpongeBob SquarePants

The list had loads of troll ideas, and here are ones that are so bad there funny

The Top Ten

1 Mr Krabs Farts On Flo Rida

I like tat that*

2 Spider-Man's Tinkle Time

Marvel's dead. First Thranos and now this?

3 Stay Puft Marshmallow Man Chokes on a Spoon
4 The Grinch Dates The Lorax
5 Banned Geeks
6 Mr Krabs Drinks Beer
7 Sexy Plankton
8 Any Kissy Kissy Love You

This gives me the walk away. - sandycheeks

9 SpongeBob and Twilight Sparkle Make Out

I'm thinking about this. And it feels... Like I want to puke

Poor Rainbow Dash

Disgusting - JPK

10 Sovietbob Comradepants Overthrows Capitalist Crab

The Contenders

11 SpongeBob and Patrick's Poop Contest
12 Different Way

Spongebob goes a different way

13 Shaggy's Drug Trip in Space
14 Pearl Gets Eaten and SpongeBob Gets Turned Into a Tool
15 Benito Mussolini's Toilet Problem
16 SpongeBob Eats a Minion
17 Gary Saves Bikini Bottom from the USSR
18 Spongebob x Chewbacca

An Idea So Stupid It's Funny - JPK

19 Mr. Krabs Has to Tinkle
20 Mario Pays a Visit
21 Nicki Minaj x Patrick
22 SpongeBob Kills Sanjay and Craig
23 Puffy Fluffy Blows Up
24 NickiBob MinajPants

Nicki Minaj twerks then gets thrown in the Krusty Krab freezer by Squidward and she FARTS

25 Breadwinners and SpongeBob Crossover
26 Pearl and Pearl

Pearl form spongebov and pearl from su meet and become friends

27 Lil Wayne x Sandy
28 Gru's Toilet Trouble
29 Hot Jingles
30 Krabby Patty Formula with Nuts
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