Top Ten Funniest Images of Texts to Look Up


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1 Texts Gone Wrong

They are absolutely hilarious! - ruJILLous

"Can you wait for a sex? " - keycha1n

The first signs to whoever just bought a phone that autocorrect is electronic devilry. - PositronWildhawk

2 Sexting Texts
3 Break-Up Texts

They are fun for me to look up when I'm bored. - ruJILLous

4 Dad Gay Texts
5 Mom Sexting You (Accidental)
6 Texts From Dog

These are actually funny to me... - Sillykitty

7 Texts Sent to Wrong Person

I love to laugh at these texts. It's just so funny. - Mumbizz01

Haha! Love these so much. This is much better than your first entry, man! - Turkeyasylum

8 Dog and Cat Messages
9 Wrong Number Texts
10 Autocorrect Texts

Autocorrect is a real problem. Millions of people suffer from Autocorrect turning Jeff into death and turning unicorn into uniform. - Merilille

Autocorrect effects so many people. - Minecraftcrazy530

The Contenders

11 Ones Where Dad Changed His Name to Darth Vader V 1 Comment
12 Lesbian Texts
13 Enemy Texts
14 Justin Bieber Texts
15 Song Prank Texts
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