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81 Your mama's so fat that when she checked her weight it read one person at a time

My scaless actuaallly said that! Emily :))))


82 You're So Cheesy, Papa John's Paid Millions for You

Ok worst comeback ever

83 Hey, you wanna see something stupid? Look in the mirror.
84 You are pretty enough to be Leia! After a lightsaber to the face...



85 Your mum is so hairy that Bigfoot took her pic
86 Yo mama like Chinese food, sweet, sour and cheap


87 What's it like going to a rodeo and seeing bulls sexier then you and able to keep a guy longer then you? At least you're not the only one getting paid for a 7 second ride.

That is such a good one and can shut up most girls

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88 yo mama so ugly she gave Freddy Krueger nightmares

I think I'm gonna say that to my dad

89 Your mama's so ugly, this much explains why Justin Bieber threw up on stage.
90 There's something gross on your neck, it's so freaky and disgusting... oh wait that's your face

Classic Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.

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91 Your mum's so stupid she sold her car for petrol money
92 You're so ugly Hello Kitty said goodbye to you

Ha I tried and it made them run away this is good for your enemies try it!

I tried this on my brother, and he started lolling so hard, he sent it to all his mates

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93 Were you born on a highway cause that's where most accidents happen

Why is this number 141... doesn't make any sense - gase456

This is amazing


94 You're so fat, you have more rolls than a bakery


95 You should get life alert so they can notify you when you get a life.

This should be #1

This is killer!

96 Yo mama is so fat, when she goes to the movies she sits next to everybody

My bff said that to me and she was right!

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97 You're so poor that when you go to KFC you have to lick other people's fingers
98 Man Move You Are Blocking the Frequensy
99 If I wanted a brain transplant I'd take yours because I want one that's never been used before

Ah! Lovely piece of work, this one is.

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100 Your mum's so stupid she sat on the telly and watched the sofa

Not funny I was so tired I almost did this

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3. We can always tell when you are lying. Your lips move.
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