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101 I just took a dump, I think I found your perfect lover, in the toilet bowl.

I used this on a this annoying little -----, she burst out in tears, so my friend told her "cry me a river, build a bridge and get over it."

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102 My advice to you: never play hide and seek because no one would ever look for you

Your mom called she was looking for their family idiot but I couldn't tell but I think they she said your name

The Internet turnd of for 5 minutes I had to talk to My family try seam like nice people

103 You so ugly when you walk past McDonalds they stop selling happy meals V 1 Comment
104 You're as useless as boobs on a bull
105 You don't make any cents, because you don't make any sense V 1 Comment
106 She wouldn't lick a stamp for you if you were dying of thirst
107 It's not my fault that when you went to the ape habitat, the monkeys said "sorry we don't need any more ugly monkeys" V 1 Comment
108 Your mom is so hairy that when you were born you got carpet burn.

Very creative, but I don't I'd use this one

109 Why are you here? Did someone leave your cage open?
110 Your mama's so poor she keeps her food stamps in a money clip

That's really mean. There's poor people in our world and that's picking on poor people. That hurt me so much.

111 You're so stupid you got locked in ASDA and died of starvation V 2 Comments
112 You look so much like a zombie when I first saw you I got food and a shotgun

Laugh out loud use this on ugly people I tried and they ran away good for your worst enemies

113 If you got murdered, I would write your parents a congrats card and your killer a thank you card

This is probably one of my favourite ones, I don't know why. It's hilarious when someone else gets insulted and not yourself. Definitely using this on someone in the future.

114 Did your mum drop you on your head when you were little cause you don't seem that bright

I hear this all the time no you didn't

I personally made this up. It's spool funny

115 I'm not a chicken, you're a turkey

One of the crappiest insults ever

This insult is so dry like seriously its just peek

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116 You're so stupid you studied for your blood test V 1 Comment
117 Please take a break from fooling yourself
118 I used to be afraid of the dark, then I saw you now I'm afraid of the light V 1 Comment
119 Yo mama so ugly when she died not even hell would accept her

I believe this one is very mean. Because we don't go to Hell because of our ugliness we go because if you turned away from God you can't go to Heaven.

If I can avoid hell by sheer ugliness, than someone get me an ugly stick. Pronto!

120 Your parents must have a lot of brains because they sure didn't give you any
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