Funniest Jake and Amir Episodes

The top ten episodes of Webbie award winning online comedy show: Jake and Amir. These guys are just two golden rod golden gods at the top of their game.

The Top Ten

1 Celebration

Classic J&A in the office. In this episode, Amir's social abnormality is taken to a new level when celebrates a successful prank by shouting nonsensical phrases such as "All rice" and "Henry" and then socking Jake in the face.

Everybody should watch this episode, because I'm sure they'll laugh So hard they will fart!

2 Powder
3 Profile Pic (Extended)
4 Braces

Amir comes into the office bleeding from the gums due to a failed application of braces by one of his friends named "traven". He reveals them to Jake with the classic line "have a good one". Turns out that Amir didn't even need braces.

5 Brownie
6 Doobs

I find that Doobs adds to the chemistry between Jake and Amir, and adds interesting dynamics. It's hilarious to see Amir battling wits with someone as insane as he is.

Thomas Middleditch compliments the Amir character so perfectly with his Doobs character. Full name: Penis Anthony Doobligne. This episode was so successful, three squeals have been made in which Doobs is present.

7 I.T. Guy

Classic lines, great delivery. Then again, that describes every episode lol

8 Bucket List

Amir and Jake bond over a frighteningly long list of Amir's goals including "punching French women until their mustaches fall off" and "Setting fire to a small, independently owned bookstore".

9 Moment of Silence

What could be more funny than someone wearing headphones who walks in on a moment of silence. That is exactly what happens to Amir, but even when he takes the headphones off, he is unable to keep himself quiet.

I think this was definitely the episode that made me watch the show religiously. Pure gold

10 Grill

The Contenders

11 New Voice

Jake's insecurities come in to play in a big way during this episode. Amir enters the office talking in a hilariously deep voice. Jake begins to mock him, but when Pat compliment's Jake, he steals the voice for his own, making Amir cry.

12 Hotel Room
13 Karate
14 Headset

The funniest part of this episode is that Amir has a giant cyst on the back of his neck that Jake is able to see from the front. That, and Amir begins to run a phone sex hotline in the office.

15 Ransom
16 Come Again
17 Grandma

This episode was shagadelic baby

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