Funniest Joke Names


The Top Ten

1 Mike Hunt

From the film, Porky's: "Has anyone seen Mike Hunt...? "
Haha. - Britgirl

2 Mike Hawk
3 Al Coholic

That reminds me of Bart Simpson's phone pranks. 😂

4 Issac Cox
5 Iona Dick

But apparently, not a brain.

6 Pete O'File

Ah! I get it!

7 Ophelia Rass
8 Moe Lester
9 Homer Sexual

I think if someone’s surname was sexual that would be just as funny

10 Ben Dover


The Contenders

11 Fudd G. Packer
12 Hugh Jass

Oh. Oof - Misfire

13 Seymour Butts

This was on Impractical Jokers.

14 Homer Phobic
15 Norma Stits
16 Hugh Janus
17 Eura Dingy
18 Jenny Taylor
19 Chris Peacock
20 Drew Peacock
21 Mike Oxlong
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