Funniest Kit Names that Don't Exist from Warrior Cats


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1 Youkit

I imagine his warrior name being Youtube. - IcetailofWishClan

He sounds stuck up. Or he would get in trouble to much.

Definitely icetail

20000 years after,
Facestar approached the Iphone8plus rock again and mewed. “Will all the cat’s of socialmediaclan please come up here? YouTube I have been here to long and I will soon go to snapclan. And of all you must be the most youtubest cat I have ever had, YouTube are known YouTubestar, because you hold the YouTube in your paws, from now and then. Also Snapchat, yes said Snapchat. Your fired. WHAT! Your not the snappiest I’d thought you’d be. my life of internet and Snapchat! And you Snapchat known as no Snapchat.agh the pain she said shaking her fist in the air, well can I please do one more search. I Gussie he said. What is it.just... how to destroy your worst leader. Dur. She stood up, pushed facestar and making a weird noise ran away. (quick type) - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

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2 Trollkit

Warrior name could be Trollface. - IcetailofWishClan

"Hmm..What should I name this Terrible troller? " PoopingFace meowed. "I'll name him TrollKit" (A FEW MOONS LATER)
"JokeClan! Gather under Troll-Rock for a Clan meeting! " JokerStar Meowed. "Today we have a Terrible troller becoming an Training-Troller! ". TrollKit Stared into his leaders soul. "TrollKit, Please step forward! " JokerStar meowed. "By the power of FartClan! You will know be known as TrollPaw, until you recive your Trolling-Pro Name! "
"And your mentor is, MeowAlot! " (A FEW MORE MOONS LATER) "JokeClan! gather under Troll-Rock for a clan meeting! " JokerStar Meowed. "Today we have a Training-Troller, becoming a Trolling-Pro! TrollPaw, please step forward! By the power of FartClan! You will now be known as! TrollFace! " (A few moons later)
"I can't wait to be accepted by FartClan, so I can become a Trolling-Master! " TrollFace meowed, Booping his nose on the ...more

3 Meowkit

Does he meow a lot? - IcetailofWishClan

Sould be cald Meawface, Sorry Meowkit. His mom is probably Leafstar, LOLOLOLOLOl - Gingerbobo

I think meowkit would meow meow meow 24/7 and annoy all 4 clans no joke

Kit:meow meow meow meow
Mother:Your too loud.I will name you Meowkit
Leader:Meowkit you are Meowpaw your mentor is Youtube
Meowpaw's warrior ceremony
Leader:Meowpaw you are Meowmeow
Meowmeow:What the heck?!?!?!

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4 Nufkit

Enough of it(enough of it) nufofit =warrior name

5 Facekit

His warrior name must be Facebook lol - Feathermist

Facekit, Facepaw, Facebook, FaceSTAR. - IcetailofWishClan

I just think it sounds funny if you say it a couple times. P.S. Please vote for Starkit. My name is chloe but my warrior name is Spottedfern (not trying to steal it but I love it! )

Youtube: My kit is so cute, look at that little face, hummm... ill call him Facekit.
A few moons later...
Leader: I Twitterstar now give you your appritice name, Facepaw...
6 moon's later: Facepaw?! Your warrior name... IT...IS... FACEBOOK!
Facebook: What is a book?

LOL... - Gingerbobo

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6 Kitkit

I always imagined if this would happen. Or if the name was Pawkit, then grew up to be Pawpaw - SeeU

ClanClan member, I suppose... - IcetailofWishClan


I Leafstar now give you your Warrior name, Kitkat, no swiching names THank you, now you mat eat a Kitkat. LOL... - Gingerbobo

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7 Toolkit

Did he bring a tool back? I don't know... - IcetailofWishClan

Warrior name could be Toolbox. Or... Toolshed. Toolset. Toolbar.

8 Chasekit

Does he chase things? I imagine so. - IcetailofWishClan

9 Starkit

Starkit's Prophecy - ClovertheAverageCat

Starkit's Quest

I said this name because if she became leader her name would be starstar

LOL. - Gingerbobo

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10 Snortkit

I wonder if he snorts... - IcetailofWishClan

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11 Wafflekit

Is he a waffle fan? Gee, I wonder why... - IcetailofWishClan

LOL YES! I imagine his warrior name would be waffle-eyes... or waffleheart... or maybe even wafflemouth lol! - Falconflight

"Let all cats old enough to catch there own prey gather beneath the hightree for a clan meeting! " Yowled pancake star. Wafflekit was made an apprentice. (A few moons later)
"Wafflepaw from this moment on you will be known as waffle eater. Star clan loves your love of waffles."lol

Now let’s see what happens if we put donkey in here/from shreak

I call open these three-waffles. Donkey. Sorry it’s just that waffles like waffles and you have to be waffle. Oka then. Well as I was saying. These three apprentices. They-wafffllle...sorry. They will now be known as- donkey rushes toward them, and shoves the clan leader away. You will now be known as... wafflewaffle, wafflemunch, and donkeyeatingwalffle. “Ma ma,” I don’t want a be a donkey eating waffle, he mewed a tear drop dripping down his nose. DONKEY!, yes he said exsidedly. May I have a word with you. Oh yeh, sure. Donkey trotted over to the leader. GET OUT OF MY SWAMPCLAN! Lol. - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

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12 ABCSongKit

Deaf deaf deaf - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Yeah, me too! I summitted the comment - Aquastar_of_DewClan

Lol I get it...deaf! Got me laughing sooo hard! (Wolfhowl)

I should really put this in a joke...
Random warrior cat: Why can’t you name a warrior cat ABC?
ABCSongkit: Huh?
Random warrior cat: They will become DEF.
Maybe? (Wolfhowl)

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13 ShimmeryHappinesskit

This is brilliant!



Welcome to another shimmery night clan meeting to anouse that shimmery happiness kit his about to be maimed apprentice few moons later today we are gathered here today for shimmeryhappinesspaws cermony from this day forward you will be known as shimmeryhappinessfur

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14 Kittypetkit

Wow, just wow, kittypetkit would of had to have come to the clan as a kit and leafstar did this " I'm going to be a jerk and call you kittypetkit, hopefully you'll fit in the clan".

People please stop making fun of Leafstar.

Warrior name: Kittypetrule LOL - SilverstarofIceclan

Kittypet star
Of LazyClan
LazyClan, clan of cats that sleep and eat.

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15 Buttkit

Buttkit! Buttkit! Where are you my Buttkit? Just take out he lit and you'll die form laughing.

That kit must have Very big butt...

I lurvv u buttkit

OH NO... Warrior name: Buttface, Buttpaw: WAHH - SilverstarofIceclan

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16 Derpkit

Yes my favorite characteristic is derpyness

BEST NAME ever! Derpkit, Derp-paw, DERPFACE!

17 Warrior Names

The worst name I've EVER heard was your name.

I have no idea :P


Examples for those who don't understand:

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18 Poopykit

Is he brown? Was he born in his mom's poop? I wonder how it felt...but it must have been gross...EWWW YUCK!

Poopystar...he must be a bad leader

Poopystar isn't a bad leader, he just likes pooing. See the story where he grows up in ToiletClan in the 'Top Ten Funniest Made Up Warrior Names'.

Poopykit: "Mama where do kits come from? "
Some random mother who just happens to be his: "Well, most kits come out of butts, clean and nice. Problem was, with YOU, you came out as a turd. I soon realized you wee not a kit, but a part of a wonderful thing, called Diahrea. You're in the shape of a kit so we called you Poopykit.
wish I hadnt eaten that berry the med gave to me..." - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

19 DabbingKit

Just wow. BRUH THIS SUCKS ( no offense to the person that posted this) LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL

I’m part of the dab police so I’m sorry dab kit, you going to jail. - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

20 Fsjalkit


21 Turkeykit

Love the idea... ~Mistyrain

A brown, white and orange kit with wings and GIANT tail feathers
Turkeykit was raised by turkeys
So he says cluck cluck cluck
Turkeykit, Turkeypaw, turkeywing, turkeystar

22 Popkit

Poppaw. Just think about the ENTIRE clan shouting that out.

"Popkit, you will now be known as Poppaw. And Cornfoot will be your mentor. Let Starclan light your path, Popop."
:Poppaw says: "Wut. ;-;"

23 Pancakekit

His warrior name is Pancakefur and he has a mate named Syrupwhisker.

Not Pancakefur it must be Pancakeflip! @Hawkflight

24 Kitcatkit

Leafstar, thanks to your naming Ima eat a kitkat. NOM NOM GOBBLE GOBBLE. (Wolfhowl)

25 SwagKit

It's ya boi SWAGKIT

Swag kit SO GOOD


26 Memekit

The future of warrior cats. Cats online. Cats making memes FunnymemeClan

Memekit is the only cat who has made friends with a dog.


27 Prokit
28 Warriorkit

I can imagine his warrior name being Warriorcat. - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

29 Over90000kit

This kit ran a marathon around the world in 90,000 miles

30 Foreveralonekit

I would be the most depressed if I saw that in uniform. - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

UM. Sounds depressing.

31 Wildkit

Wildkit could actually be a great name for a tortoiseshell cat. Tom or she-cat.

My oc is called wildblaze - Bonnie_Fazbear

Who put this here seriously, this isn’t hilarious it’s 😎 - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

32 Apprenticekig

Lol ApprenticeKIG.the leader thought they were kigs and not kits. ~Bluefang of FireClan

What's a kig - GoldenfrostOfShiningClan

33 Dogkit

WOW dogstar

One of the most normal names even though it's called funniest"
he sounds evil... DUN DUN DUNNN

Srry bout that...

34 Funnykit
35 Foreverkit

His warrior guessed it-Foreveralone - AloeVera

36 Runtkit

Ok I've seen a lot of these and I think this is the most normal

Runt kit the runt of the litter

37 VerySneezyKit

We should have a medicine cat named Tissuegiver. He will always be there in the toughest and roughest times of runny noses.

38 Noobkit

MEMECLAN COME TO THE MEME ROCK FOR A MEETING! Noobkit ran to the meme rock. “I, Memestar give this darn kit a warrior name. It’s so stupid that I can’t risk anyone to mentor it,
NOOBFACE” “that’s your name” NOOBFACE ran to the meme cat den, he wanted to learn all the ways of memeclan, his clan was the dumbest. But the other clans YouTubeClan, SnapchatClan, FacebookClan, we at a gathering, “lol meme clan is dumb”

39 LOLkit

Just LOL.

40 Conkit
41 Bosskit
42 Hungrykit

Always hungry, I like your style. - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

43 Pigletkit
44 Chocolatekit
45 Leaderkit
46 Kittenkit
47 Dabkit
48 Catkit

Imagine Catstar!

49 Mousekit

There is a warrior called Mousefur in the series people it's a good name

50 twolegkit

Twoleg/cat hybrid - Blazingfeatherofsummerclan

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