Funniest Languages In the World


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1 Finnish

Yes, it is really funny. Look the word: saippuakauppias. It is long and it's palindrome.

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2 Italian
3 Chinese
4 Somali
5 Polish

Lol when I hear someone speak polish fast they sound funny and kinda like Spanish but when my iPad reads polish it sounds very funny I always hear my tablet read polish messages

I am Polish and I guess our language is funny for foreigners.. "Our language doesn't sound like leaves rustling" is:
Przecież nie szeleści.

Google Translate that.

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6 Spanish
7 English

Beautifully-spoken English by a beautifully-spoken Englishman ALWAYS puts a smile on my face, darling :-) - Britgirl

8 Hindi
9 French
10 German

This language sounds so funny can't stop laughing when my tablet reads German it sounds so funny because it was reading too fast it just sounds funny when people speak it! German is a silly language because the people speak too fast sounds so funny!

The Contenders

11 Dutch
12 Korean

Hello is over 29 characters.

13 Japanese

I think it sounds really funny!

Not funny at all for me.

14 Swedish
15 Vietnamese
16 Persian
17 Amharic
18 Tagalog
19 Russian

Lol lol lol lol

20 Scottish


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