Top Ten Funniest Last Words

This list involves some dark humor, so if you don't like that stuff, you've been warned.

The Top Ten

1 "I left a million dollars under the..."

I'd be almost as upset about the 1million pounds as the person dying - OnionLists

2 "Oh look a grenade."
3 "Holy sh*t, I'm on fire!"
4 "I don't think that tree is falling the right way."
5 "me me big boy"

This is something I do not want embedded on my gravestone - TwilightKitsune

That would not end well. - wrests

6 "Dammit."
7 "What does this button do?"

I probably would be one of those people to say that.

I wonder what does this red button do?

Dumb ways to diie - DCfnaf

8 "My, that's a big truck you got there."
9 "YOLO!"
10 "Tell my wife, the divorce papers are in her dresser."

The Newcomers

? "Dammit, ya can't take me anywhere"

The Contenders

11 "I want food"
12 "I love you"
13 "What are you gonna do? Stab me?"

I cracked up way too much on this one. This one's good. - cjWriter1997

This is my favourite - OnionLists

14 "I'll survive"
15 "MY crazy, drooling, one-eyed, worm-eating uncle? I thought he was YOUR crazy, drooling, one-eyed, worm-eating unc..."
16 "Please delete my browser history..."

Hhaha! I think this might be my last words! - say10

17 "Wow, I love working in the Twin Towers!"

Oh god, Puga what have you done!? I feel terrible for cracking up to this. - cjWriter1997

18 "This juice tastes funny."
19 "I will be the last person to die on this planet"
20 "Go Raiders!"
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1. "me me big boy"
2. "YOLO!"
3. "I want food"
1. "I left a million dollars under the..."
2. "Oh look a grenade."
3. "Holy sh*t, I'm on fire!"



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