Top Ten Funniest Last Words

This list involves some dark humor, so if you don't like that stuff, you've been warned.

The Top Ten

1 "I left a million dollars under the..."
2 "Oh look a grenade."
3 "Holy sh*t, I'm on fire!"
4 "I don't think that tree is falling the right way."
5 "me me big boy"

This is something I do not want embedded on my gravestone - TwilightKitsune

That would not end well. - wrests

6 "Dammit."
7 "What does this button do?"

I probably would be one of those people to say that.

I wonder what does this red button do?

Dumb ways to diie - DCfnaf

8 "My, that's a big truck you got there."
9 "YOLO!"
10 "Tell my wife, the divorce papers are in her dresser."

The Contenders

11 "I want food"
12 "I love you"
13 "What are you gonna do? Stab me?"

I cracked up way too much on this one. This one's good. - cjWriter1997

14 "I'll survive"
15 "MY crazy, drooling, one-eyed, worm-eating uncle? I thought he was YOUR crazy, drooling, one-eyed, worm-eating unc..."
16 "Please delete my browser history..."
17 "Wow, I love working in the Twin Towers!"

Oh god, Puga what have you done!? I feel terrible for cracking up to this. - cjWriter1997

18 "This juice tastes funny."
19 "I will be the last person to die on this planet"
20 "Go Raiders!"
21 "Not again."
22 "Are you a cannibal?"
23 "I can do that with my eyes closed"
24 "is that all you got?"

I like it - HoneyBadgers

25 "I used to be a soldier like you...but then I took a bullet to the [insert shot body part]"

For the ones who serve in the army and get shot on fatal spots, like one of the lungs - Livirus

26 "I cheated on my wife with..."
27 "Bring it on!"
28 "Don't touch the red button!"
29 "Don't worry it has airbags"
30 "She is gonna blow up!"
31 "I Died"

This one I find funny - christangrant

32 "Dammit, ya can't take me anywhere"
33 “Now that I’m safe in the eye of the tornado....the tornado of souls”
34 "Somebody touch my spaghet"
35 "Yay"
36 "oops"

Why aren't my suggestions coming up? - HoneyBadgers

37 "that wasn't supposed to happen..."
38 "yum, this tastes like..."
39 "That means that you would have had to have been the kil-"
40 "I thought you were dead!"
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1. "me me big boy"
2. "YOLO!"
3. "I want food"
1. "I left a million dollars under the..."
2. "Oh look a grenade."
3. "Holy sh*t, I'm on fire!"


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