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1 Top Ten Alternative Song Titles That Replace the Word "Heart" With "Fart"

Uh Batgirl, you're the one that made that list. :/ - Gehenna

Seriously... what kind of idiot makes lists like this...?

Sorry, it might be immature, but...

It's honestly immature

2 Best Chuck Norris Facts
3 Best Insults

Some great insults are on that list - BananaBrain

4 Dumbest Yahoo! Answers Questions

Too bad a lot of the people on that list like to ruin all of the humour. - 3DG20

5 Best Jokes of All Time

Of course... - Bammer73

6 Funniest Signs Around the World
7 You Know You're Living In 2005 When...
8 Dumbest Rap Lyrics Ever
9 Top Ten Songs That Should Have Been Written About Farts

Seriously with the fart lists? What are you 5 years old? - BananaBrain

10 Top Ten Movies That Are Retitled With A Shrek Theme

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11 Most Hilariously Wrong Technology Predictions of All Time
12 Best Blonde Jokes!

Hey, five of my lists are here! Not many people get my type of humour, so thank you to anyone who added them - you must be as warped as I am! - haha! I wish I had made this particular list though; it's given me some great laughs

13 Top Ten Most Embarrassing Typos
14 Most Random Things Ever

Amazing list. - Userguy44

Unpredictable as well. - Bammer73

15 Top Ten Funniest Ways To Die
16 Top Ten TV Shows That Rip Off Little Bill
17 Best Yo Mamma So Stupid Jokes
18 Top Ten Reasons That Poop is Better Than Lil Wayne

I’m already laughing at the list title. - Userguy44

19 Best Yo Mamma So Fat Jokes

Once I had a substitute teacher in the fifth grade who substituted our class and he got me and my friend in trouble for looking up yo mama jokes and laughing about them in class.
And now he's dead (yes that substitute teacher is literally dead) so R.I.P. - BananaBrain

20 Top Ten Dumbest Things To Say When You Know You've Been Caught In the Act
21 Top Ten Metal Songs With Misheard Lyrics

One of the better and funniest lists of Metal_Treasure - Userguy44

22 Top Ten Ways That Husbands Help Their Wives With the Housework
23 Reasons Why Child Abuse Should Be Legal

This list is not funny at all. It is just awful.

It includes the item "All kids are ugly" twice, enough said.

This list isn't funny at all

To the troll it was funny.

24 Top Ten Worst Comments To Make In Court
25 Top Ten Greatest Kanye West Songs

It's funny because his songs suck. Even #1, Stronger, is not fully his, and the parts he doesn't do are from the best DJ group since Deadmau5, Daft Punk. - booklover1

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