Top Ten Funniest The Loud House Episodes


The Top Ten

1 Funny Business

Well its call FUNNY Business. Bad-um-Crash

2 Driving Miss Hazy
3 Cover Girls

This episode was cringey. The kids acting like each other was weird, and why couldn't they be themselves when they all showed up? -

Their parents are stupid jerks. How can they punish their children? - DynastiSugarPop

4 Left in the Dark

I don't find child neglect to be very funny. - PhantomMilitia

5 House Music

Luna was right about how Rock requires talent and isn't just about fun. The ending was dumb though, how the Mick Jagger wannabe claimed the Louds' crappy performance was good because they had fun. But this episode wasn't even close to funny. -

6 No Guts, No Glori

"If I was grounded, why are you asking me for that? " - Lynn Loud Jr.

7 Along Came a Sister
8 Undie Pressure

This one is funny because it is outright ridiculous in my opinion

9 Picture Perfect

Not even CLOSE to funny. Lincoln was being a huge ass to his sisters and made them take a picture against their own will. And he acted like pretentious prick in the ending and claimed his picture was the best out of all of them. I just wanted to impale the bastard after watching this episode! - PhantomMilitia

Lincoln Loud was kind after his parents bought a picture of his sisters acting like they're "themselves". This may be the worst episode. - DynastiSugarPop

10 Suite and Sour

Funny episode but one what moment is when its revealed that the real reason they got kicked out of the hotel was not because of what the kids did but because of Mom and Dad getting freaky in the pool. - egnomac

LOL I love this episode! I can't stop laughing because of this episode

This episode cracks me up

I laugh every time I see this

The Newcomers

? Yes Man Yes Man

This isn't the best episode (although it is very close to it), but it is by far the funniest I've seen! This probably wasn't intentional, but it was great satire of the advertising industry! The sisters' tactics of getting their parents to give them money, such as their exaggerated pitches, were just awesome, and felt like a parody of a lot of the exaggeration in commercials! And that song at the end! Somebody please get that song out of my head right now! - AlexZedKawa

The Contenders

11 The Old and the Restless
12 April Fools Rules

You know how they could have made this episode funny if the next day turn Luan into a human pinata and have everyone beat the S-T out of her. - egnomac

Not funny at all. Luan turns into a malevolent jerk! - DynastiSugarPop

13 No Such Luck

Funny - Gangem

14 The Price of Admission
15 Snow Bored

Lisa turning into a snowball throwing maniac is hilarious one of the funniest moments Lola getting attacked in the bathroom. - egnomac

16 It's a Loud, Loud, Loud, Loud House

This is one of the most underrated episodes ever! It has so many funny moments, like the scene in Lily's room! This is my 5th favourite episode of the show!

17 Heavy Meddle Heavy Meddle
18 Linc or Swim

The only gross scene is Lily doing a fecal incident in the pool. - DynastiSugarPop

19 Changing the Baby
20 Raw Deal
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