Top 10 Funniest Loud House Moments

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1 Lynn's Dutch Oven (Space Invader)

This was really funny, I love the Loud House. - PatrickStar3

In my opinion, this is not the funniest moment of the show, I don't even think any of the items on here are to be honest - Gangem

Iv'e said it once and I'll say it again this is the funniest fart joke Nickelodeon has ever made and that's saying a lot. - egnomac

This is the funniest moment of the show? its just plain potty humour didn't even make me chuckle and it ain't even original - judo8alex

2 "Back up, Back Up Back Up" (House Music)

Screw you luan lana luna are WAY more funnier then leni

Leni is so much funnier than Luan, she can be funny without even trying. - egnomac

3 Lori Farts in Vanzilla (Tripped)

Another funny moment in the special after Lori is earthing low cal bean chips and farts and insists that it was the seat as she moves the seat around and you see the smell coming out and it covers the van with everyone gagging and dad unwilling to roll down the windows since they will get stuck until he can't take it anymore as the windows go down and everyone sighs in relieve and Lori blushes in embarrassment. - egnomac

4 Leni running into Luan Dressed as Her (Cover Girls)

Loved this moment especially when Leni and Luan start doing the Macarena. - egnomac

5 Luan Becomes Hysterical After Lincoln Asks Her Why Did the Chicken Cross the Road (Undie Pressure)

This was very funny. I lol'd

6 The Sisters Tinkled in the Pool (Linc or Swim)

I don't care who you are that's funny right there

I expect this from Lily but not the other sisters which is why it was so funny. - egnomac

I don't care who you are this scene was funny.

7 Lily says a swear word from(Potty Mouth)

After Charles steals her doughnut Lily gets super mad and yells out the swear world shocking everyone and causing a picture frame to drop. - egnomac

She cursed like a pro

8 The Parents Going Skinny Dipping in the Pool at the Hotel (Suite and Sour)
9 Luna Acts Like a Dog (Study Muffin)

Love this scene it always made me laugh. - egnomac

10 Mrs. Johnson's comment she makes after she tells Lincoln to keep Frank in his cage (Along Came a Sister)

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11 Lynn Sr. dressing and acting like a princess (Home of the Fave)
12 Lola's reaction to seeing her messed up make up (Undie Pressure)
13 Lynn and Lola driving through the desert (Butterfly Effect)
14 Leni Loud using the shopping list as a guest list and being disappointed that feta cheese isn’t going to the party in “Party Down”

I always crack up when Leni is dissapointed that feta cheese isn’t going to the party! Moments like this are the reason that Leni is one of my favorite characters in the loud house!

15 Mr. Grouse claiming Bobby as his property in Clyde's fantasy (11 Louds A Leapin)
16 Lincoln and Ronnie Anne nervously lie about not being together after Lincoln is accused of being Ronnie Anne's boyfriend (The Loudest Mission: Relative Chaos)

After Lincoln and Lori show up at the Casagrande household Ronnie Anne introduces her family to them then when she introduces Lincoln to them Frida she call him her boyfriend which the two nervously sweating telling them that's not the case. - egnomac

17 "Where is a low flying plane when you need one" - Lisa (The Sweet Spot)
18 Getting thrown off the coin operated horse
19 Two Frogs Have Some "Fun" Together (Frog Wild)

What are those two frogs doing?

As Yakko Warner would say "Goodnight Everybody". - egnomac

20 Lola and Flip in the rowboat (Tea Tale Heart)
21 Lynn Sr. dresses and acts like a princess (Home of the Fave)
22 The Loud Kids and Clyde vs The Exterminator (Along Came a Sister)
23 Flip and Lola in the rowboat (Tea Tale Heart)
24 The Loud Kids Teaching Mr. Grouse how to use a computer (Job Insecurity)
25 Flip attacking his Flippee machine and nacho cheese machine (The Spies Who Loved Me)
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