Top Ten Funniest Lyrics From The Decayer App YouTube Poop

The Top Ten Funniest Lyrics From The Decayer App YouTube Poop

1 He has no face, he has no soul, if, if, if you cross him, he'll take ya to hell! He can't stand up, when he needs to pee, and this time... he just shot himself. Inflate himself, just like Dedede! This crazy Kong, is a craazy Kong! HUH!

Now that's funny especailly the he can't stand up, when he needs to pee - andrewteel

2 He'a the leader of Korea, he's got diarrhea, he's finally back... to say MAMMA MIA! His squirt gun, can shoot piss, if he squirts ya, it's gonna suck dude! He has a funny face, and has no pants, he's the worst member, of the DIC fan club! HUH!
3 DK! Donkey Kong is gay!
4 So they're finally here, and about time too, if you know the words, YOU GOT NO LIFE.
5 Finally, he's here for you, it's the last member of this YOU-TUBE POOP! This Kong's so fat, it's relatively funny. Can make out with kremlings, and make out with mummy! Can pick up chicks, with his coconut gun, makes Donkey Kong, seem so much fun!
6 This Kong's got pants, so listen up dudes, she can crush a hobbit, to make her soup. She may move slow, when she needs to pee, But this kong... just pissed herself. If you shoot her, I'll just laugh, just like this monkey rap, she's got no fans! HUH!
7 He's back again, and he's back again again, and this time, he's gone? He can fly real high, when he poops himself, with his pistols out, he's after your MUM! He'll make you some pie, after he gets high, but kremlings be trippin, cause he's super fly! HUH!

He be super fly

8 Come on Brain, take it to the fridge! When I was one I swam the English channel, when I was two I ate a soapy flannel, when I was three I started getting thinner, when I was four I WONDER WHAT'S FOR DINNER!
9 Wal-mart! PINGUS! Pineapple under THE SEA-T!
10 And pineapple pizza is AW YUCK!... Pineapple is great, but it sucks on PIZZA!
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