Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

Here are some warrior cat names we made up please vote

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1 Spottedbutt

Funnier than "MountainDew."

What, is her poop shaped like spots or something? - Firemist

Where in the Dark Forest did you get that name.

He attracts cats with his spots and butt.

2 First-Aidkit

I don't know what to say. comedy gold. It should totally be number 1.

First-AidKit! First-AidKit! Help I need a First-AidKit!



The medicine cat of ClanClan - Bonnie_Fazbear

3 Two Leg

Hi! I'm Twolegs and I lost two of my feet! - Firemist

That's evil. just imagine:
'hey two leg! '
'what?! where? ' - rainshine

Great. Just great. This makes sense for Briarlight though

Oops, I meant "that's cruel" for this comment. Anyway, that's really, um, mean. - Firemist

No, TwoLegs! And that could actually be a name!

4 Butterballs

Hippyheartstar: (looks at him and sees he has buttery balls) that's a shame guess your butterballs then

Butterballs: SERIOUSLY?! @! @! @! ~

That's the name of the dog on all of the Buddies movies, right?

He has butter balls


5 Berrystumpytail

Yes this is perfect for Berrynose

Jaynoeyes X Berrystumpytail

Jaynoeyes (thanks Hollyleaf! ) and Berrystumpytail (thanks stupid Berrynose and the fox trap, plus Shadowclan! )

Don't forget Jaynoeyes.

6 Trollkit

His warrior name will be Trollface.

He's going to troll every cat! - IcetailofWishClan

7 Diarreaflower

That's not how you spell it but funny anyways - tigerstar908

Sounds strange.

It's funny because diarrea sounds "pretty" and so does flower. - Oliveleaf

8 Fartsniffer

Make up snortnose

Allow of these r so funny!


He's a fart smeller-I mean smart feller!

-my father

9 Shutup

Shut up yo mouth up

Are you kidding me I laughed so hard I almost cried. But how many times does it say shut up to everyone every single time they talk? I love it

10 Crykit


Um, a kit that screamed as soon as he was born? - rainshine

The Contenders

11 Buttfart

Laugh out loud SO FUNNY!

12 Cloudhead

Ooh ooh, when making a lyric video for that Ariana Grande song, you just stick him in the art! - Firemist

His head is full of clouds and he is very blur and clumsy

13 Fartface

A brown cat that smells like farts.-wildhawk

This is dumb!

Wow just wow

14 Lalanose

Oh, la la la!
Shut up!
Oh, that was my nose. - Firemist

Her nostrils say lalala

Ok I'm going to blow up if you don't mind!

Lalanose? LOL THIS IS THE BEST I HAVE SEEN YET - TwilightKitsune

15 Constipatedbutt

Haha I forgot how to laugh

Ah mah butt is constipated! - Firemist

HAHA I can't laugh right now, I'm taking a--HAHAA--test. - Firemist

I'm not a person

16 Sausagetail

Bet the clan kicked him out because he attracted to many dogs to the camp.

Yum I'm going to eat you tail

He has a sausage for a tail.

He has a fat tail - tigerstar908

17 Nufsaid

Best. Name. Ever. Nufsaid. - IcetailofWishClan

18 Toolkit


Better than most kits because you can hit him on a nail if you ever get triggered! ~Mistyrain

19 Buttface

WHAT THE HECK?!?! I mean like did his face look like a butt?! I MEAN PEOPLE ARE YOU KITTEN ME!
Firestar: My butt hurts, Buttface: you call me? Firestar: NO YOU STUPID BUTT FACE FURBALL!

20 Crowfood

Yes... I has won...

Isn't crow food a warrior cats insult?

"A black cat with yellow eyes, his mother named him Crowkit. He was just like Foxdung and Mousebrain, who, at the time, were named Foxkit and Mousekit. A member of ToiletClan, he didn't fit in until getting his warrior name. His mentor was Mossytoilet. He, like Foxkit and Mousekit, was bullied by Fatpaw, who later became Fatbody."
An excellent story.

21 Dirtybutt

I wish I didn't comment!

22 Eelfoot

RiverClan frog-heart. - Firemist

Moray, long fin, conger, or electric?

All of the above

Not bad actually, but it doesn’t really make sense because eels don’t have feet. - Nightflower

23 Mossytoilet

I love the name mossytoilet! I wish was my name:*(

I don't get why everyone hates mossy, but oh well.

I like the prefix mossy. I don't see why no one else does. :(

24 Buttstar

LOL why.

25 Buttpaper

What toilet paper?

26 Champagnefur

Champagnefur: *Spills wine and drinks* AH
Bramblestar: Fox-dung...
Squirrelflight: I can't believe he's drunk AGAIN! - Firemist

I think he spilled champagne on his fur.

27 Bigbutt

I wish that was my brother's name lol! yo, fatass, you got that name, bruh! - rainshine

He's got that ass.

It does not get any lower. 😳
Say hello to this legit name BigButt
If I was this cats name I would beat myself up every time I heard it

28 Youtubepaw

This one is halarious genius whoever came up with this!

29 Fungisnake
30 Smokeweed

He joined BloodClan as a kit. He was always the kit to find the leftover weed in the trash cans. So Scourge decided to name him Smokeweed. He is Scourge's favorite, because he is da Clan's plug. - rainshine

This name is actually possible if you read the list of warrior prefixes and suffixes.

Anyways, please welcome the Snoop Dogg of Warrior Cats - Smokeweed! - DewSpectrum11

31 Mylittlepony

Seriously ~ Goldenfeather

32 Babykit

Aw he is a warrior

And his warrior name should be baby butt - Catscatscats

Babys are ulgy

Babykit, BabyPaw, BabyShower, AND FINALLY BABYSTAR 0____#
And by the way if babies are ugly then all humans and animals are ugly

33 Cheeseburger


BEST NAME EVER! Brudtail: Hi, Cheeseburger! Can I eat you? Cheeseburger: Not now... (Runs away) ( Tumbleheart pees on him

This is actually not a bad name - TwilightKitsune

He is a cheeseburgar hope he is not ate lol

34 Fluttershy

Ha ha that was me who added her - Catscatscats

My little pony

35 Pooppelt

It's like he sat where he "made his dirt". But the gut-busting funniest of all is real -- Mapleshade!

Icetail: Sorry, I just can't stop laughing at this. - IcetailofWishClan

Someone did dirt on his pelt, starclan why.

36 Nyancatpaw

Nyan, nyan, meow meow meow. - Firemist

I just had to add it. - IcetailofWishClan

37 Fireman

Moon Shadow: help... help... I'm dieing over here!
Gray Wing: WHO ARE WE GONNA CALL, *dials fireman* HELLO? HELLO? please HELP!
Fireman: Yes sir Gray Wing sir were on our way. WEE OON WEE OON WEE OON
Fireman: *sets out fire*
*cheers for Fireman*

38 Fatbody

Oh yeah and the warrior code is to feed your clan before your self, so I guess his leader has to punish him by calling him fat body - Catscatscats

Who has had to much prey

What even..

39 Starstar

Her warrior name should be Starfire, lol

If Star Flower became leader her name would be that. - Walla

A common mistake in fanfic is to name a character '-star"
E.G. Starshine, Starfur, Startwinkle etc.
It pretty much proves that character won't become leader, unless a very convenient name change occurs.

Starstar is the leader of ClanClan, with a deputy called Featherfeather and a medicine cat called Flowerflower. And warriors, elders and queens: Shadowshadow, Leafleaf, Poolpool, Blazeblaze, Wingwing, Burrburr, Clawclaw, Heartheart, Windwind, Tailtail, Peltpelt, Furfur, Firefire, Whiskerwhisker and Thornthorn.

40 Twerkstar

He twerked at the gathering and became leader

41 Smallbutt

What a small butt

42 Blobfishleaf

A cat from the deep!

43 Poopyeyes

Is this Millie?

44 Fishbrain

Hey, Fishbrain!
Who ya calling a fish-brain?
No I mean Fishbrain's over there. - Firemist

A fish is stuck in his brain

A cat -river clan- with fish stuck in his ears

45 Snotboom
46 Burgerstar

He is the burger king

I think he rules all burger king shops

Wow! He is the king of burgers!

King of BurgerClan his allies are Donaldstar and McDonaldsClan and Wendystar leader of WendyClan

47 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

Hi my name is Twilightsparkle, seriously. - Firemist

These are WARRIOR CAT names! Not My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic names! - Wolftail

WHY ARE PEOPLE PUTTING MY LITTLE PONY ON A WARRIORS LIST? I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Sorry for caps but I hate my little pony >.> - Spottedrain

48 Pawpaw

No, his name should be Pawclaw!

OH ma good! ma kits are glorious! -one kit punches him self-the other is climing on her head and pooping-OKIE DAT ONE IS PAW KIT AN DAT ONE TE DEW KITTI

A queen should know not to name it Pawkit! - Jetmaster

StarStar: PawPaw please step up here! PawPaw:Ok! StarStar: Ok from this moment you will be known as

49 Saucytoad

This should be an appetizer at a seafood restaurant in Mongolia



50 Stupidfurball

I love this one! Haha!

He is such a stupid furball for crying out loud!

And yes. Furball is one word.

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