Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

Here are some warrior cat names we made up please vote

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1 Spottedbutt

Where in the Dark Forest did you get that name.

He attracts cats with his spots and butt.

Their butt has spots!


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2 First-Aidkit

First-aidkit! First-aidkit! My first-aidkit accidentally swallowed a pencil! - TwilightKitsune

Many of these are plain immature, but this one genuinely had me laughing. Good job ;P

I think that should have been yellow fangs name - Catscatscats

Is his sister Sewingkit?

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3 Two Leg

Great. Just great. This makes sense for Briarlight though

No, TwoLegs! And that could actually be a name!

Lol - Catscatscats


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4 Berrystumpytail

Berrynose was lucky that Firestar didn't name him Berrystumpytail!

Lol, I wish Berrynose got this name

This is beautiful.

Isn't there a cat named Stumpytail? I seriously think this could be one. Just like a temporary name like Brightheart had.

5 Butterballs

That's the name of the dog on all of the Buddies movies, right?

He has butter balls



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6 Diarreaflower

That's not how you spell it but funny anyways - tigerstar908

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7 Trollkit

He's going to troll every cat! - IcetailofWishClan

8 Crykit
9 Fartsniffer

He's a fart smeller-I mean smart feller!

-my father

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10 Buttfart

The perfect word to describe my mind. - birdechosplash

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11 Fartface

A brown cat that smells like farts.-wildhawk

This is dumb!

Wow just wow

Lol - Catscatscats

12 Shutup
13 Cloudhead

His head is full of clouds and he is very blur and clumsy

14 Lalanose V 4 Comments
15 Sausagetail

Yum I'm going to eat you tail

He has a sausage for a tail.

He has a fat tail - tigerstar908


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16 Nufsaid V 1 Comment
17 Constipatedbutt

I'm not a person

Are you people kidding me? I thought dirtybutt was bad, and now this? Come on! - Minecraftcrazy530

OK now are you kidding me

I'm in prizon

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18 Dirtybutt V 1 Comment
19 Buttpaper
20 Toolkit
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