Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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21 Eelfoot

Moray, long fin, conger, or electric?

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22 Buttstar
23 Crowfood

Isn't crow food a warrior cats insult?

24 Bigbutt

He's got that ass.

It does not get any lower. ­čś│
Say hello to this legit name BigButt
If I was this cats name I would beat myself up every time I heard it

25 Mossytoilet

I don't get why everyone hates mossy, but oh well.

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26 Champagnefur

I think he spilled champagne on his fur.

27 Youtubepaw V 1 Comment
28 Babykit

Aw he is a warrior

And his warrior name should be baby butt - Catscatscats

Babys are ulgy

Babykit, BabyPaw, BabyShower, AND FINALLY BABYSTAR 0____#
And by the way if babies are ugly then all humans and animals are ugly

29 Cheeseburger

This is actually not a bad name - TwilightKitsune

He is a cheeseburgar hope he is not ate lol



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30 Fungisnake
31 Fluttershy V 2 Comments
32 Smallbutt

What a small butt

33 Pooppelt

It's like he sat where he "made his dirt". But the gut-busting funniest of all is real -- Mapleshade!

Icetail: Sorry, I just can't stop laughing at this. - IcetailofWishClan

Someone did dirt on his pelt, starclan why.

34 Mylittlepony

Seriously ~ Goldenfeather

35 Nyancatpaw V 1 Comment
36 Buttface

WHAT THE HECK?!?! I mean like did his face look like a butt?! I MEAN PEOPLE ARE YOU KITTEN ME!
Firestar: My butt hurts, Buttface: you call me? Firestar: NO YOU STUPID BUTT FACE FURBALL!

37 Fireman

Moon Shadow: help... help... I'm dieing over here!
Gray Wing: WHO ARE WE GONNA CALL, *dials fireman* HELLO? HELLO? please HELP!
Fireman: Yes sir Gray Wing sir were on our way. WEE OON WEE OON WEE OON
Fireman: *sets out fire*
*cheers for Fireman*

38 Fishbrain

A cat -river clan- with fish stuck in his ears

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39 Burgerstar

I think he rules all burger king shops

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40 Fatbody

Oh yeah and the warrior code is to feed your clan before your self, so I guess his leader has to punish him by calling him fat body - Catscatscats

Who has had to much prey

What even..

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