Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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41 Blobfishleaf

I imagine him as a cat that looks like a creepy blob - BlueFrostOfThunderClan

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42 Buggernose

Oh my gosh he snorting out buggers

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43 Snotboom
44 Starstar

If Star Flower became leader her name would be that. - Walla

A common mistake in fanfic is to name a character '-star"
E.G. Starshine, Starfur, Startwinkle etc.
It pretty much proves that character won't become leader, unless a very convenient name change occurs.

Starstar is the leader of ClanClan, with a deputy called Featherfeather and a medicine cat called Flowerflower. And warriors, elders and queens: Shadowshadow, Leafleaf, Poolpool, Blazeblaze, Wingwing, Burrburr, Clawclaw, Heartheart, Windwind, Tailtail, Peltpelt, Furfur, Firefire, Whiskerwhisker and Thornthorn.

45 Poopyeyes
46 Glassfoot

Haha this poor cats leg is made out of glass. I'm guessing it's gonna die very quickly. Do they even know what glass is?

What ever you do it will break

47 Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle Twilight Sparkle is the primary main character of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic. She is a female unicorn pony who transforms into an Alicorn and becomes a princess in Magical Mystery Cure.

These are WARRIOR CAT names! Not My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic names! - Wolftail

WHY ARE PEOPLE PUTTING MY LITTLE PONY ON A WARRIORS LIST? I MEAN SERIOUSLY. Sorry for caps but I hate my little pony >.> - Spottedrain

48 Stupidfurball V 3 Comments
49 Dingleberry
50 Featherbutt

A cat with a very feather-like butt, member of ToiletClan.

51 Saucytoad
52 GothicTears

I can't tell if these are supposed to be funny, or make whoever wrote them seem like they have brain damage.
-Lindenheart proud deputy of ForestClan - LindenheartInsanity

53 Clumsyfoot

That would be kinda mean calling him this. A cat that's really clumsy.

54 Chickenface

It seems like a cat with a chicken head. Weird.

Idoit. A CAT could be twilightkit. And sparkle as a suffix. Get a life

None of these are really warriorcat names. Butt? They don't know what BUTT means. Twilight sparkle? That's mlp not warrior cats. Burger? Cheese? COME ON! Made up is good but at least make it something that they know! - twitches tail - kittypets these days... -_-!

55 Mousebrain

This is an insult in the Warriors world, which is why I added it.

56 Mousedung

StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace: I had two kits... I'll call one Foxkit and the other Mousekit.

Poopystar: Congratulations, SOOLF. Well done for giving birth to my sons.

SOOLF: thanks Poopystar

They are now apps. Foxpaw mentor is Sheepbutt and Mousepaw mentor is Babyface.


Fatpaw: (walks up to Foxpaw and Mousepaw) You guys don't have toilet prefixes! You don't belong here!

Foxpaw: Yes we do! (Leaps at Fatpaw and defeats him)

Fatpaw: >:(


Poopystar: Fatpaw, your warrior name is Fatbelly.

(Everyone cheers Fatbelly except Foxpaw and Mousepaw)

Mousepaw: We'll never fit in...


Poopystar: Foxpaw and Mousepaw, you both get the warrior names Foxdung and Mousebrain.

Foxdung: We do fit in!

Croud: Foxdung! Mousebrain!

57 Dogface

I guess all the other warrior cats will avoid him.

Cats don't like dogs

He could have an unusual dog-shaped face and muzzle. he's probably evil and eventually becomes Dogstar

58 Sonicfart

When he farts her goes as fast as a supersonic jet


59 Sneezenoze

Ohhh... I was wandering why he was named that

Wow. This cat sneezes a lot. And did you know that Runningnose was called Runningnose because he always got sick?

60 Fartscent
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