Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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61 Fartscent
62 Tailtail
63 Stripebutt
64 Peeface

Mother: (has one kit) oh... I need a pee... (pees on her kit) I will call you Peekit, since I peed on you.
Peekit: (whispering: you stupid queen)


Poopystar: I, Poopysta, would like to
make Peekit an apprentice. (Poops) erm... (pees on Peekit) Peepaw, your mentor is StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace.
SOOLF: Oh yes... finally an apprentice! I love you Poopystar.


Peepaw: I peed
SOOLF - I know, you pee all the time right?
Peepaw: no everyone pees on me but I don't care cause it smells nice
Peepaw: :D


Poopystar: I, Poopystar, will now make Peepaw a... excuse me (pees on Peepaw's face, then poops on the ToiletRock)
Warrior. He shall now be known as Peeface, since I pees on his face.


65 Crazybrain

Can't think at all...

Are You Crazy?!

66 Fox-Heart

Fox-heart actually is a warrior cat. She is a bright ginger she-cat with smooth fur. And is currently in Starclan. Wow, Cedarstar make really bad names to insult his warriors!

67 Beebrain V 1 Comment
68 RetardedKit

This name is really offensive to people that are actually retarded. ;-; The word retarded is NOT a joke, people.

The mother must be incredibly honest and utterly rude!

Mean - Catscatscats

69 Bugeyes

A cat who got teal colored, horribly stinging rings in his eyes, making him resemble a bug.

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70 AT&Tflight
71 Ipodclaw

Clawing your twolegs ipod. - Darktail_of_FireClan

72 Tortoiseshellprettyface
73 Cookie V 2 Comments
74 Kitkit
75 Toiletface

They don't know what a toilet even is! - Minecraftcrazy530

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76 Peanutbutterjelly

I would actually be happy if this was in the book.

Best warrior name hands down.

77 Duffy

Long-lost brother to his sister Huffy. - Walla

78 Snuffy!
79 Fluffy! V 2 Comments
80 Puffy
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