Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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81 Sonicfart
82 Wormface
83 Sneezenoze

Wow. This cat sneezes a lot. And did you know that Runningnose was called Runningnose because he always got sick?

84 Maggotnose V 1 Comment
85 Roosterteeth
86 Leafgyver

Leafgyver is like Macgyver in 'SkyClan's Destiny' just more stupid!

V 1 Comment
87 Hamsterwheel V 1 Comment
88 Puddlereflection
89 Grandpaw

A dark gray tabby tom that has kits of his own, who have their own kits. - IcetailofWishClan

Just imagine him in a suit and top hat.

A young apprentice is a old elder!

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90 Fartcloud
91 Poopykit

Poopykit's birth
Mother: I had one kit
Poopykit: *starts pooping every ten seconds*
Mother: I shall name you Poopykit


Starstar: I, Starstar, shall now name you Poopypaw. Your mentor will be Toiletroll.
Toiletroll: Come on Poopypaw-
Poopypaw: *Poops*
Toiletroll: Is pooping all you do!
Poopypaw: I also breathe, speak, live, other stuff. Starstar should change your name to Stupidroll.
Toiletroll: HEY!


Starstar: I, Starstar, shall now make this apprentice, Poopypaw, become a warrior, taking the name Poopyface.
ALL: Poopyface! Poopyface!
Starstar: Now, Poopyface, would you mind gathering a patrol, taking Diaperfur, Looheart and StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace with you?
Poopyface: Yeah! *poops*
Diaperfur: Sniff my fur
Looheart: *sniffs Diaperfur's pelt* wow, it stinks! Perfect!
StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace: Lets go hunt *can't really walk cause she's overweighted*
Poopyface: Seriously? ...more

92 Poopybutt
93 Muffinbelly
94 Goatbeard
95 Baconfart
96 Toenailclaw

What? Cats don't even have toenails! - Minecraftcrazy530

97 Sexypaw V 1 Comment
98 Snotbelly
99 Toungebelly
100 Gaipaw V 1 Comment
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