Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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81 Huffy V 2 Comments
82 Foxdung

Wow, hi Dungface! You smell like Fox dung so that's what I'm going to call you!

83 Pigface
84 Birdbrain
85 Footface

My friend wanted him to be my father.

86 Carface V 2 Comments
87 Wormface
88 Maggotnose V 1 Comment
89 Roosterteeth
90 Leafgyver

Leafgyver is like Macgyver in 'SkyClan's Destiny' just more stupid!

V 1 Comment
91 Hamsterwheel V 1 Comment
92 Puddlereflection
93 Grandpaw

A dark gray tabby tom that has kits of his own, who have their own kits. - IcetailofWishClan

Just imagine him in a suit and top hat.

A young apprentice is a old elder!

V 2 Comments
94 Fartcloud
95 Poopykit

Poopykit's birth
Mother: I had one kit
Poopykit: *starts pooping every ten seconds*
Mother: I shall name you Poopykit


Starstar: I, Starstar, shall now name you Poopypaw. Your mentor will be Toiletroll.
Toiletroll: Come on Poopypaw-
Poopypaw: *Poops*
Toiletroll: Is pooping all you do!
Poopypaw: I also breathe, speak, live, other stuff. Starstar should change your name to Stupidroll.
Toiletroll: HEY!


Starstar: I, Starstar, shall now make this apprentice, Poopypaw, become a warrior, taking the name Poopyface.
ALL: Poopyface! Poopyface!
Starstar: Now, Poopyface, would you mind gathering a patrol, taking Diaperfur, Looheart and StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace with you?
Poopyface: Yeah! *poops*
Diaperfur: Sniff my fur
Looheart: *sniffs Diaperfur's pelt* wow, it stinks! Perfect!
StupidOverweightedOldLadyFace: Lets go hunt *can't really walk cause she's overweighted*
Poopyface: Seriously? ...more

96 Poopybutt
97 Muffinbelly
98 Goatbeard
99 Frostwolf

Blue green tom with silver stripes and amber eyes.

100 Whiteblizzard

White she cat with ginger flecks on muzzle and dark blue eyes.

How is this name funny? This name is beautiful! - IcetailofWishClan


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