Funniest Made Up Warrior Cat Names

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101 Thunderclaw

Who's adding pretty names here? This is meant to be funny, not just putting a nice warrior name.

Black tom with light blue eyes

Um... How is Thunderclaw funny?

102 Fireburst

Whoever's adding these names is earnest.

Dark ginger tom with amber eyes

103 Chervilflower

? How is THIS funny? If she IS a black she-cat with leaf green eyes, then she looks EXACTLY like Hollyleaf!

Black she cat with leaf green eyes

104 Ivyleaf

Brown and white she cat with blue eyes.

105 Quietpool V 1 Comment
106 Eagleswoop

Ginger tabby tom with brown eyes.

107 Shimmerlight

White she cat with orange spots and amber eyes.

108 Rosepool

This name isn't bad. - Minecraftcrazy530

Light Brown she cat with blue eyes.

109 Baconfart
110 Hardboiledeggkit
111 Uglyface
112 Poopypelt
113 Buttlegs
114 Brownbutt
115 Toenailclaw

What? Cats don't even have toenails! - Minecraftcrazy530

116 Sexypaw V 1 Comment
117 Snotbelly
118 Toungebelly
119 Gaipaw V 1 Comment
120 Twerkstar V 1 Comment
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